Sunday, April 20, 2008

Guest Blog: I'm in love!

I received this in the form of an email from my friend Jean Procell in Minden. I asked her if I could publish it in the blog, and she graciously agreed.

It's true and I am soooo excited!!!! I never thought in my wildest dreams that God would place a "new LOVE" in my life at this time.
She was four years old yesterday. She is on a "vent" and two doors down from Mom in the Nursing Home. I go each day and was surprised to find out that there are children housed in Nursing Homes in Louisiana. Presently 5 boys, under the age of 12 and there were 2 girls. One of the girls was a ward of the state and we lost her thursday to a state institution located in south Louisiana. All of these children are "vent" patients most of them have been in the Minden facility since birth. Much was done to try and keep her here, (I call my State Congressman) but to no avail.
Never a day goes by that I don't check on "baby girl" and ALWAYS rewarded with a beautiful constant smile and loving eyes. What a blessing God has presented me with! I usually unplug her and we visit with the rest of the residents. You should see the smiles that on the Seniors faces when she is wheeled in their room.
Today was her fourth birthday party. And what a party it was!!! About 50 people, food, presents, cake, ice cream -- vent patients, wheel chair residents, family, guest, loving nurses, and a child with the biggest smile, so excited and loved by everyone.
My opinion about humans has improved in the last month. People will surprise you when least expected, but never God's grace.
I ask for your prayers for all in Nursing Homes, whatever age, whatever circumstance, and I thank God for allowing me to be in love at this age!!!


  1. Oh my. What a sweet love story. The folks in nursing homes need our prayers. My mother was a resident for 8 months after a stroke. That was a tough time for both of us.

    You do more blogging here than at JindalWatch. I'll have to check in more often.

  2. Isn't that a sweet story? Jean is a retired teacher and is a really wonderful person.
    I have been a little lax on JindalWatch - I need to get on the ball!


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