Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just Call him Mister Adley

State Senator Robert Adley of Benton would prefer that articles regarding his business not reference the fact that he is also a state senator. Adley, of course, owns Pelican Gas Management which negotiates with municipalities for gas supplies.

A Plaquemine city official Wednesday rebuked members of the Louisiana Municipal Gas Authority for referring to state Sen. Robert Adley as a senator. Adley's Pelican Gas Management is the sole manager of the LMGA's natural gas supply. Towns and other municipalities buy natural gas through the authority for residential customers and businesses.

Utilities Director Ronnie Rockforte said he is unhappy that Adley’s business dealings with the authority are appearing in the media with mention of the senator’s status as a state legislator.
“That was a smear,” he told the authority’s executive committee. Rockforte said authority members should refer to Adley as Robert Adley or Mr. Adley.“I think that’s wise,” Adley said.

Our question to Mr Rockforte and Senator Adley is this: If this is not a conflict of interest and is not at least morally unethical, how can it be a smear to refer to the Senator as Senator? Could it be because Adley last year killed an ethics bill because it had a provision for local disclosure, saying that we “worked very hard to put together a disclosure package for legislators and it’s not our job to sit here and pass it on to local government.”

Westlake in Calcasieu Parish and the Iberville Parish government are pulling out of LMGA.

Source: The Advocate

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