Monday, May 5, 2008

Eliminate State Income Tax?

Are you in favor of eliminating the state income tax? It could happen.
Last week the Louisiana Senate, to their own surprise, voted to do just that. Senator Nick Gautreaux added an amendment to Buddy Shaw's SB 87 which proposed to cut tax rates. Gautreaux proposed going all the way by just eliminating the income tax. Unbelievably, the amendment passed.
Gautreaux says "It's taxpayers' money and Louisianans have been overtaxed too many years,." Gautreaux said the governor's proposed budget has $400 million in new spending in it and "if it goes into the bill, it's there forever. For them to say there's not money to afford this is absolutely not true."
Our own Sen. Robert Adley of Benton told the Senate "the governor will veto the bill with $4 billion (in budget reductions) and he ought to."
The hot potato bill is in the house waiting for attention.


  1. From Rep. Jane Smith, R - Bossier City:

    ...she thinks the bill would stand a better chance of becoming law if it's scaled back to its original version. "How do we do this with a degree of sanity?" Smith asked.

    Not a bad idea at all that sanity thing.

    From the Times Picayune.

  2. Mimi, I'm very tempted to say something about sanity and Jane Smith, but I will refrain. Sanity from the legislature is a lot to hope for.

  3. Well, her comment sounded sane, but I'm sure you know better than I about that. I defer to you. I agree. Sanity is a lot to expect from the legislature.

    The thought came to me today that I should begin taking bets on just when Jindal will make a major fool of himself. He's already made a list as one of the least transparent governors in the country. It could be his secretiveness that will lead him into major foolishness.


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