Friday, May 9, 2008

Redneck Gardening

Some great ideas to make extra money and beautify your yard at the same time by taking advantage of what's already there:

ALEXANDRIA -- An investigation into possible drug activity in an Alexandria neighborhood led city police to an abandoned car with 53 marijuana plants growing in it.
Sgt. Newmon Bobb said the plants, which would have an estimated value of $53,000 when fully grown, were seized, and two people were arrested. Jerome Thompson, 23, and Mahogany Morris, 23, both of Alexandria, were booked with possession of marijuana in a school zone and cultivation of marijuana, police said.

Also some great suggestions from this website:

String your used beer cans together as a wind chime. Once they are faded you can make them again and recycle the old ones for cash. A simple excuse to drink more beer.

Line your garden beds with beer bottles. Be sure to put them upside down to not invite more mosquitoes than the kiddy pool already does. Old tires also work well to outline anything, cut them in half for the loch-ness monster look or turn them inside out for an impromptu planter.

Use broken down appliances or cars in the yard as center pieces to build around. It is a bonus if the car is on blocks with hood up and weeds working their way through. A washer makes a wonderful planter and a refrigerator can be used to store your garden supplies

Invite the flowers that others might be short sighted enough to call weeds. It is only a weed if you didn't want it. Dandelion wine is a great output of a redneck flower garden

Pick up that used toilet from the curb that would normally end up in the dump. It makes a great bird bath or another planter.

Ornament your lawn with whirly gigs that don't whirly anymore. This is a great way to add color and the anticipation of motion for the casual observer. No matter how long the observer stares expecting some show in the wind, they will only be met with stoic stillness and a nice splash of motionless color. It's good to keep your visitors expecting the unexpected.

Fill that boat that doesn't float anymore with an assortment of artificial flowers. No sweat if you forget to water these guys, their color is almost as permanent as the peroxide in a box.

Leave up the Christmas lights year round, they become party lights outside of the traditional holiday season and are a lovely accent to the nighttime view of your redneck garden. Your neighbors will be very impressed to get both a daytime and nighttime view of your work of redneck yard art.

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