Friday, May 2, 2008

Cardinal Egan Presides over Mass in Shreveport

Edward Cardinal Egan, the Archbishop of New York, presided over a Red Mass today at Holy Trinity Church in Shreveport. The last Cardinal to visit Shreveport was Cardinal Cushing of Boston in 1968. The Red Mass, held for the legal profession, was attended by most area attorneys and judges, as well as ministers of other faiths and members of the lay public.
Egan presided over the Mass, and also served as its principal celebrant.
Describing the law as “a splendid calling” and contrasting that with the view of it as a profession, he said people must be inclined to “love the law and embrace it,” just as they must discharge it “so civilization may progress in a manner worthy of the children of God.”
The event was ecumenical, with concluding prayers by ministers from a variety of fellow Christian beliefs, including the Rev. Brady L. Blade Sr., Ben Songy, Barbara Jarrell and Durell Tuberville.
Source: The Times

Holy Trinity was built in 1896 and is a landmark in downtown Shreveport.


  1. The exterior of the cathedral looks quite Orthodox - Russian or Greek, I mean.

    The Red Mass is a long-time tradition in New Orleans, too, and lawyers of all faiths attend. I used to chuckle about the name during the cold war.

    It's ecumenical, but those of other faiths may not take communion. Come, you're invited, but you may join us at the table. I admit that many of those of other faiths would not want to do that anyway, but still....

  2. Tina, it is a beautiful church, sitting in downtown like a rose among the thorns.
    Mimi - your 'liberal' Anglicism is showing!


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