Thursday, May 29, 2008

What does The Times have against Gerard Bowen, Jr?

There was an article in The Times today about Chris Gorman's son You Tubing his dad's campaign for the 4th District Congressional Seat. The article mentioned all the Democratic candidates and all the Republican candidates - and listed their websites.
The article totally ignored Gerard Bowen, Jr and did not list his website. I actually commented on the online edition and listed his website. I find this very interesting as they ran this article about his campaign so they are aware that he is running.
What are the motivations for this snub? Is it because Bowen has just been here for three years, having been relocated from his home in Metairie by Hurricane Katrina?
Is it because he is not 'connected' as all the other candidates are?
Or is it something else?
I have stated in another blog that I am not endorsing this candidate; I do not intend to vote for a Republican at all. They have created enough mess to last a lifetime. It is time for a breather and I feel that either John Milkovich or Paul Carmouche can offer that.
However, I do love an underdog and Mr. Bowen definitely fits that mold. Underdog or not, the snub by The Times was pretty blatant and should be explained.
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