Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Caddo Murder Suspect has history in Bossier

UPDATE: Taken into custody on Thursday, January 29th.

David Alan McAvoy is a white male, 5'11, 240 lbs., with brown hair, brown eyes, and glasses. His last known address is the 2400 block of Vanceville in Bossier City. He also has a houseboat docked at Drift In Landing.
The Caddo Sheriff's Office is searching for McAvoy, in connection with the fatal shooting of man at Drift In Landing on Caddo Lake Tuesday night.

If anyone has information about his whereabouts, contact Detectives Jason Morgan or Andy Scoggins at 681-0700, the Caddo Sheriff's Office at 675-2170, or Crime Stoppers at 673-7373.


  1. it looks like he did not get a felony conviction until after Marvin got elected. I would say he does his job pretty well.

  2. Good point, it wasn't my intention to criticize the DA or anyone else. I really believe the first offender automatic pardons should be changed so that there is some review process before they are issued.

  3. marvin has this guy Mondello in the hot checks department for his office...larry thompson, the bank truck heist guy that stormed greenacres subdivision and shot at police, (suspected of various murders as well) actually OWNED a business with this Mondello...thompson even made a call to his friend (mondello) during the crime (check court records.)

    keep in mind this garret character with the school board "Air Repair" incident had just left prison for a murder of a guy that won money at a local casino...he reportedly beats up his girlfriend, marvin lets the guy go for "lack of evidence" then issues some letter to jackson saying to quit running his mouth saying he has friends in the DA's office, according to ktbs.

    sounds like to me we have some bad apples in the da's office, starting at the very top

  4. Being relativelew to this state, I would like to know, are the Judges appointed or elected ?, if it's elected, maybe it's time to remove some.....infavor of more conservative judges who will keep these low lifes locked up ?....I have noticed a lot of insider crimes in this state, I recently saw two criminal judges jailed for crimes, I am wondering why so many in law enforcement are getting into trouble ? just a thought

  5. Good question. Keep in mind there are various players involved.
    1. The legislature-which defines the sentencing of these criminals.
    2. D.A. Office-Whether or not they are prosecuted or allowed to "plea bargain".
    3. Judges-Sentencing along the parameters of the conviction.

    All of these folks are elected in Louisiana.


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