Saturday, January 24, 2009

From KTBS: The Strange Case against Garrett Wilson

KTBS (Channel 3) reports that last spring's arrest of Bossier City businessman Garrett Wilson -- one of five defendants in a federal corruption case involving fraud in maintenance work on Bossier schools -- did not play out in a vacuum.
Wilson didn't need to be facing criminal charges because he was on parole for a violent-crime felony. Jailed for parole violation would keep him away from his and his partner's business, which was making millions from air conditioning work on Bossier Parish schools.
Wilson was also saying he had friends in the right places in Bossier Parish.
And then a key piece of evidence against him didn't look right. There were suspicions it was altered.
The domestic violence charges would eventually be dismissed by the district attorney.
The FBI and Bossier sheriff's detectives have been asking questions.
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  1. murderers are walking the halls of our schools and ya’ll are worried about mold. there’s probably not any mold - that was just a farce to help air repair make some free money. How much clorox does it take to clean some mold? How much roofing tar to stop a leak. You could build a metal shed over the school for cheaper than that. mold is everywhere in Louisiana– it only needs remediation when your friend can charge to do it and you hold the purse strings.

    This is ridiculous. As much money as they have and they can’t do background checks on people that come on the school grounds. Are they doing background checks on teachers? Janitors? Administrators? What is their standard for excluding someone from the premises? I guess parole for accessory to murder does not raise a red flag. Maybe they will let child molesters change out the urinals. I would like to know each and every school that the air repair people went to. If they came to my grandaugters school, I am taking her out ASAP.

    Educators should not be in charge of the school system. Hospitals don’t hire doctor’s to run the hospital, they hire CEO’s. A CEO can be held accountable and fired. Doctors are not trained to audit large sums of money. Teachers and education majors are not trained to handle money. They are trained to impart knowledge. That is their gift.

    The school board takes credit for our high numbers, but if Barksdale packed up and left the collective average IQ of Bossier Parish would drop about 75 points– and test scores would plummet. ITs not you– its the parents and grandparents that stay up till 900 doing that busy work.

    Private schools will be popping up in Bossier soon and no taxes will be renewed or approved in the near future. The public trust has been violated and the grandparents and parents will not stand for it.

  2. The superintendant (and the assistant) should resign immediately; they have disgraced themselves in allowing these things to happen. A new superintendent with a proven track record (from outside the area)should be given free reign to reorganize the system.
    Yes, a good administrative CEO should be put in place.
    Just don't hold your breath waiting for it to happen.

  3. There is obviously more to this case than meets the eye. The rumor mill is stirring, and a quick look at the contributions made to our newly elected judge Mike Craig only hardens this case. The talk on the street from those in the know say that the big fish will be indicted soon. Contributions from Cochran construction and Patrick Jackson along with the mystery loans of $68,000 that were claimed to be made from Citizens Bank. These loans once investigated were never approved much less even applied for. Citizens bank was already well aware of Craig's tax problems and know that such a loan would never get by the federal auditors. Its my understanding that someone with a large amount of income has had PI's working this case for a couple of months and has turned up a wealth of information involving Schuyler Marvin and his "go to" judge Mike Craig. I smell a rat and from what I'm hearing so does the FBI.

  4. Jim,

    If you haven't already, you really
    should see the Vendor History from the BPSB for Air Repair. It is absolutely incredible how much money the board paid Air-Repair. The budget(maintenence dept)for fiscal years 2007 and 2008 was $800,000. In a year and a half they paid Air Repair alone 3.29 million. You think that might have triggered somebody to say, "Hey wait a minute."

  5. Wow!! I heard the same thing yesterday about Judge Craig. And I think I know who the man with deep pockets is. :)

  6. "Contributions from Cochran construction and Patrick Jackson"
    I don't see any contributions from Cochran to Craig, maybe I missed it. Even if I did miss it, so what if Cochran did make a donation to his campaign? Where's the wrongdoing in that?

    "The rumor mill is stirring"
    Please tell me, when is the courthouse rumor mill not stirring?

  7. Jim is probably right. Not really a "strange case". happens all the time, I do criminal defense work. A lot of time you appeal to the DA's higher standard of ethics, where he is not supposed to prosecute if he believes a case cannot be proven to the high standard he's held to. If you go to the DA at the beginning of a case and beg him to dismiss it for lack of evidence, they will usually tell you to wait because they are going to go ask their police for an opinion and follow-up. If you then tell the DA he's got a sorry case and dismiss it right now, he'll tell you that he'll work on his timeline and not yours and if you don't like, file a motion. looks like that happened here, and after a hearing, and probable review of the case, the DA saw he didn't have the evidence. Doesn't mean he can't refile charges if it turns out that Wilson tampered with evidence or if new info comes out. No DA wants to dismiss a case that they already opened, they think like cops, "if he was arrested, he did it". By the way, I have no involvement with that case and my details come from the Jim Roberts KTBS story.

  8. Jim, I was wondering why the comment was deleted regarding Marvin having the guy Mondello down in the DA's office...people in the know are aware that Mondello was business partners with the armored truck heist kingpin Larry Thompson who called him while fleeing police. this is all verifiable, so wondering why deleted...thanks

  9. it's not deleted, it's on another post - look at "Murder suspect has history in Bossier Parish".

  10. Can you say "LOSERS" I know this punk GARRETT WILSON and his Lame ass partner in crime ALAN LEE. They are crooks and went everywhere bragging about it. I hope they get alot of brag time in with their bunkies. They did nothing for our society but take take take. Now its time to pay pay pay.

    Ex Employee Jim B


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