Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mike Craig sworn in as District Judge

Mike Craig was sworn in Monday as District Judge at the Bossier Parish Courthouse. He was sworn in by retired Judge Cecil Campbell II.

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Complete story in The Times

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  1. Caregiver Alerts Mother Of Child Jeopardy; Court Ignores The Alert And Subsequently Jail’s The Mother For Trying To Protect Her Child From Eminent Danger.
    On Tuesday May 28, 2019 Chyanne Pearson Bega, a 27 year old Haughton, La mother will be in Bossier Parish Court to face kidnapping charges that stem from her attempt to rescue her 2 1/2 year old son Jacob from eminent danger.
    On March 31, 2019 Chyanne Pearson Bega refused to return her son Jacob (after a visitation) to Shelby Richard who is the child’s father. Shelby Richard has temporary custody of Jacob but on that day, Chyanne Pearson Bega received reliable first-hand information from Shelby’s mother (Cynthia Hogg) who it turns out had been acting as unofficial caregiver to Jacob on behalf of her son who was largely absent. Cynthia Hogg went on to file an affidavit with the Bossier City Police Department that told an upsetting story about Jacob’s safety and care while he is with his father. The upsetting details of Cynthia Hogg’s affidavit when told to Chyanne Pearson first-hand promoted Chyanne to take immediate action on behalf of her son’s well-being. Chyanne Pearson Bega has since been charged with kidnapping her own child and despite the sworn affidavit of Cynthia Hogg, Jacob was returned to Shelby Richard.
    Cynthia Hogg acted heroically by bringing forth information that is unfavorable to her son Shelby Richard but necessary for Jacob’s well-being. And, so far, Chyanne Pearson Bega is the only one that has reacted correctly to the information that Cynthia Hogg has come forward with.
    Meanwhile Jacob’s safety and well-being are at risk not withstanding Chyanne Pearson Bega’s own future should she be found guilty of kidnapping for trying to protect her own child. This is a child custody case that has gone awry. The facts of the case prove that Jacob’s mother Chyanne Pearson Bega has been and, is being denied access to her 2 ½ year old son because of false accusations from Shelby Richard that for some strange reason Chyanne Pearson Bega has never been able to properly refute. What should have been a non-issue has snowballed into a big issue. There is an obvious bias on behalf of the court happening to Chyanne Pearson Bega who is not and never has been guilty of any of the false accusations that have been lodged against her by her estranged boyfriend Shelby Richard.
    DHS looked at the situation and found no problems with Chyanne Pearson Bega at all but even this is surprisingly being ignored by the court.
    Consider that when Jacob was just 6 days old Shelby Richard smashed Chyanne Pearson Bega in the face breaking her sinus cavity and then took the infant (just 6 days old) from its breast feeding mother (Chyanne) and hid-out with the infant for 4 days until finally being found. Chyanne later dropped the assault charges against Shelby as she naively thought she could repair the union for the sake of Jacob. Chyanne is a good person who loves her son with all of her heart. All that I have said is sadly very verifiable, immediately.
    For more information please contact me Lisa Berridge Pearson (Chyanne’s mother) and thank you for reviewing my letter.
    May 25, 2019
    Lisa Berridge Pearson


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