Friday, August 12, 2011

Guest Post: Parker Ward on the Republican Debate

Last night the major presidential candidates for the GOP debated in Iowa. I have to say I am shocked at the outcome.

Newt Gingrich- Came off as strong by not answering the 'gotcha' questions. He stood up on his record and seemed to be a strong candidate last night. His performance was good. I think the average GOP voter was satisfied with his answers.
Jon Huntsman- RINO! He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. His answers were not insightful and I was really turned off by his answer about the Chinese.
Tim Pawlenty- Tpaw came off as weak last night. He had a funny one-liner when he was asked about “I will come to your house and cook you dinner, or I will mow your yard….only one acre for Mitt” and attacking Michele Bachmann. He is weak and a vanilla type of person. I believe last night was the final straw for the Pawlenty campaign.
Michele Bachmann- Bachmann seemed to lose some of her steam after the first tussle with Pawlenty. I was dissatisfied with her performance and seemed to lose interest because she lost her fire. I was shocked; her performance was not as good this time as it was in the CNN debate. I was really sad to see that.
Mitt Romney- Mitt seemed to come off as usual. He really did not take any swings at any of the other candidates. All of his swings were for Obama. It was funny when Pawlenty went after Obamney Care and Mitt said “I liked his first answer better.”
Ron Paul- OMGOSH! He got on my last nerve. He rambled about his disillusion of the Constitution. He is a 2-issue candidate pull the troops and audit the fed. Every time he came on the TV, I cringed and wanted to turn the TV to mute. He rambled about every question. He came off as a liberal last night. He should be on the Democrat stage.
Herman Cain- Insightful as always but he is playing down his anti-Muslim views now. He is losing his Tea Party support because of that. I believe his performance in the first Fox News debate was better. His campaign will lose some steam after last night’s debate.
Rick Santorum- Rick came off strong last night. He has really energized the base of the party, Social Conservatives. He took real social conservative stances. He came off last night as insightful and strong. I believe after last night’s debate that his campaign will go on to be in the top four candidates.

The winners were Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.
After last night, I have changed my support from Bachmann to Santorum. I am a hard-core social conservative and so it Rick Santorum. Last night was a game changer in the GOP 2012 Race for President.
It’s really starting to get interesting.
I predict that:
Pawlenty, Huntsman, Herman Cain, and Newt Gingrich will be one of the first to drop out of the race.
LET NOT FORGET RICK PERRY! He is jumping in Saturday.

As a high school senior, Parker Ward was a candidate for Shreveport Mayor in 2010.  He is very actively involved in politics and in his church.


  1. I think Perry will be a strong candidate. Although I do not keep up with Texas politics as much as some, I think that he can run on his record and do well.

  2. Is this for real? OMGosh such good political commentary if I were still in high school. Please MyBossier, is this the best commentator you could find to give us some insight and analysis on the debate (OMGosh he got on ma last nerve does not qualify as insight, more like high school drama)

  3. Anon I'll bet Jim will post your commentary as well as his. You seem to have so much more insight than Ward. Please share your expertise with us.

  4. I find it encouraging that young men such as Parker care to follow politics, and post their analysis of things.

    Kartman is right. I think anon at 11:37 am should get together his/her thoughts on the Republican debate, analyze each candidate's performance, and e-mail it to Jim. I'd be interested to get your take.

    Personally, I did not watch the forum, because I knew just about what it would be. And, I've narrowed my choices down to three that was not in the debate.

    Still, I'm thinking that history may be made with a "draft" at the convention. I think several of these will fight to the end, take delegates to the convention, and could possibly throw support to an unannounced "other." Probably won't happen, but it would make for great political have a reluctant warrior go out and whip Obozo's ass...

  5. Most teens have no idea what candidates who seek office stand for. Many cannot name the VP but can name all the people in Jersey Shore. Some are old enough to vote. This might help explain how fools like BHO are elected.

  6. Mr. Ward is out of High School.

  7. He is indeed. He is now 19 or 20, not sure which.
    Anon at 11:37: Send me your analysis, I will be happy to publish it.
    Kartman and Andy: I agree, I think it is refreshing to see someone of Parker's age not only taking an interest, but participating.

  8. I agree with 11:37. Parker, here is my advise to you kid. Further your education, get a job, and talk and write like an adult. If you had wrote OMGosh on a term paper, what grade do you would have got? Do all this and come back in 15 years and maybe you'll be ready.

  9. Anon at 2:53.

    What would he receive on a term paper with the sentence "If you had worte OMGosh on a term paper what grade do you would have got"?

    I do agree with your advise. Get and education, a job, and talk and write like an adult.

  10. A very bad grade I would imagine. Sorry for my bad typing.

  11. My two favorites were Ron Paul and John Huntsman. Overall, I liked all of Paul's and Huntsman's answers the most. They made the most sense to me.

    Santorum is kind of a crazy loon who will keep the pope on speedial when elected. He said he would restrict abortion in the cases of rape and incest. That's terrible.

    I'm intrigued about Newt Gingrich but I honestly did not hear much about him in the ways of policy. He chirped up to criticize Chris Wallace and defend his campaign but I did not see "The ideas man" speak of any ideas. Maybe next time?

    Michelle Bachmann did not impress me. I felt like she talked the talk but I question her intellect. She said everything the conservative base wants to hear but beyond catch phrases, I saw little in the way of economic policy.

    Two things stuck out to me about Tim Pawlenty: his fiscal record and his abortion record. He's quick to remind you that he took a state that was in the red and balanced the budgets quickly. That's a good thing. The fact that he is hell bent on advancing the pro-life cause is what worries me.

    Mitt Romney is an interesting fellow. For a man who once supported abortion, gay marriage, universal health care and liberal policies, he is in strange company to criticize a president who supports abortion, gay marriage, universal healthcare and liberal policies. I just find it odd that a man who has had over 60 years to decide his issues on the positions, he makes a complete 180 just in time to run for president.

    Winners: Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman.
    Ron Paul - Made the most sense in the debate, seemed the most passionate, and very intellectual.
    Huntsman: As a businessman, you can tell his economic forte comes in handy. He knows economics very well, it seems.

    -- Bossier Democrat

  12. Being a dem, I can understand why you would like those two.

  13. Cut Mr. Ward some slack. He is a young man and writes and speaks like one. I am very impressed that he took the time to pay attention to the candidates, put some thought into what they said, and then put his thoughts out there for the public to see. That's more than I can say for 99% of other young adults (or for that matter most adults of any age). Perhaps he can inspire some of our other younger voters to become involved in their government as well. Why is it neccessary to bash him 11:37?Good job, Parker.

  14. hey, take it easy on the man, that collection of buffoons didn't give him much to work with.

    that said . . . santorum? really? he's an idiot, a fascist and a theocrat. i guess you can support him, just don't ever try to claim you favor small government. it don't get much bigger than eliminating the separation of church and state or having cops break down doors to make sure there's no same sex buggering going on.

    oh, and anon at 1:08, snookie for potus!

  15. @ Kartman

    You're definitely correct. I'm not your typical GOP voter and thats what decides this contest.

    Honestly, though, Mitt Romney's popularity has been the most surprising. Like I said, he was once an unabashed liberal, now some sort of quasi conservative. I don't see how he gets support.

    I have ALWAYS felt, however, if Governor Perry were to enter the race, you should hand him the nomination on the spot. For the GOP, he'd be a great candidate.

    -- Bossier Democrat

  16. Someone alert me if a candidate actually gives a direct answer to a question.

    I watched the CNN debate and did not see one of them ever answer the questions posed.

  17. Does Mr. Ward really think Ron Paul is a liberal? Ron Paul is as about a true Republican on economic issues as you are going to find.

  18. The statement about Mr. Ward being a candidate for Shreveport Mayor while still in high school is a half-truth. There was a failure to mention that he was a deceitful dishonest candidate who pretended to be a Libertarian when in truth he is in favor of big police-state government trying to micromanage the lives of citizens, even denying us the right to control over our own bodies.

  19. I might add that I voted for Mr. Ward, and I have never regretted a vote as much as I do voting for him, now that he has shown his true colors.

  20. Anon at 7:49...c'mon! Parker Ward is a young man that gives a damn!

    Certainly, I don't agree completely with his assessment of things. But that does not stop me from being good and dadgummed grateful that he DOES give a damn...unlike most of his peers.

    He is probably like 99.9% of us were/are...evolving in our political world view of things. Jeepers! Look...y'all snipe all you want at the candidates...I've got plenty of sniping I'd do about the CANDIDATES if it would make any difference.

    But stop ragging on Mr. Ward. It makes y'all look really, really small.

    Young people that give a damn should be encouraged. They are rare, and I hope to God don't get discouraged by small people.

    Hell, it reminds me of coming back home from Baptist Summer Camp...I mean, you're all fired up for Jesus...want to go and evangelize the world for Christ...have a big "testimony" service on a Sunday night...

    And what happens? After it's over all the old folks come tell you how "your excitement won't last." And how "church is not the place for drums," and all...

    It sucks! And I, for one, will NEVER be guilty of popping a young person's bubble. I'll be guilty of a bunch of junk...but not that!


  21. I agree Andy. He is not like most 19 year olds. The kid deserves a lot of credit.

  22. I did not burst his bubble--I voted for him! I was also pleased that a young person took an interest in trying to take back the government for the people. But when he announced that he was a Republicrat, and had only pretended to be a Libertarian, he made it clear that he had not been coverted to big government intrusion into our lives. It was clear that he had only been deceitful in claiming to believe in personal responsibility and freedom to get Libertarian votes in a effort to make his name known for future elections as a member of one of the big government parties. Of course a young person can be converted back and forth several times as they mature, but it is a different matter to be dishonest to get votes from people that you just intend to stand on to make yourself look a little taller.

  23. I just want to make it perfectly clear to any other young person who might ask for my vote and support, that my vote is a sacred thing, and it is not to be toyed with like one of his little playthings.

  24. How does that saying go?..."If you're not a democrat when you're young, you have no heart. If you're not a republican when you're older, you have no brain."
    Cut the kid some slack. He'll figure out what he stands for as he matures. At least he cares enough to pay attention.

  25. Again, I would not criticize him for saying that he was wrong to be a Libertarian and apologized for being a Libertarian when he was 18 and stated that in his maturity of 19 he had learned that the big government political parties had been right all along. But that is not the statement that he issued. He let it be known that he was just using those of us who are Libertarians by flying our colors deceitfully to get some name recognition to strample on us, and the platform of personal responsibility and freedom that we stand for, to get his head up above the crowd for when he later persues a career in one of the big government political parties. Anytime it is brought up that he was a candidate for mayor of Shreveport, it should also be brought up that he dishonestly presented himself to be a Libertarian, and stole our votes when he was a candidate for mayor.

  26. Well now let's be honest Anon 6:21, were you REALLY hoping that a high school senior would have the wherewithal, maturity, and knowledge to run a city the size of Shreveport. Whether he was a true libertarian or not, you hardly had your vote stolen if you willingly voted for a high school senior. I wholeheartedly believe that Mr. Ward will be fully capable of successfully holding any office he wishes in the future, but we all remember what it was like to be a newly minted adult. I wouldn't have trusted my 18 year old self to make a decision about lunch, let alone a city. You voted willingly and with the only facts you really needed. No pouting about it now.

  27. Bad ole hound, I was waiting for someone else to say that, so I didn't have to.

    Well done.

    I've got high hopes for Mr. Ward. Really, I do. His fundamentals are correct. And, I hope he does not take this as a discouragement...he'll grow up. He will see a bazillion things in life that will shape him, and finally forge steel that will stand the test of time.

    Good gravy, Granny! If only there were more young people that cared!!!

  28. When I was 18 years old, I was fully capable of serving my country in Vietnam, and being the mayor of Shreveport would have been easy compared to that. I was a full grown man by the time I was 18, and had earned my own living from the time that I was 16, not having any other choice. As far as I know, lying scheming dishonest deceitful 18 year olds just get to be lying scheming dishonest deceitful old people if they live long enough. They might learn to cover it up better.

  29. I too was serving my country at 18 years of age. Had no idea how to act like an adult. Could not have run a barracks much less a city the size of Shreveport. All my friends were just like me. Getting off work and having a good time was the most important thing to us.

    Anon at 5:43 you must be an exceptional human being. I salute you but have never known anyone as mature as you were at 18.

  30. I suppose that it is exceptional to be brought up right and to know right from wrong by the age of 18, but it certainly should not be so. I brought my own children up with the same values, and while each of them was earning their own way through college at the age of 18, any one of them would have been fully capable of serving as mayor of Shreveport or any other service that would have been required of them at that age. Young people are simply going to be for you bring them up to be. If you expect them to be irresponsible party boys and party girls who are only interested in getting drunk, smoking dope, and fornicating with various and sundry other people, that is exactly what they will be.


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