Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gardens of Southgate HOA surrenders

All of the news outlets are reporting that a settlement has been reached in the Corey Burr sign dispute. The Gardens of Southgate HOA is dropping their lawsuit and the Burrs get to keep their sign until Corey returns home.  I love a good compromise.
Why the HOA wouldn’t bend a little on this is still puzzling to me.
Congratulations to the Burrs and their supporters.
And so it goes in Shreveport


  1. I am very happy to hear the support of this fellow Marine is not being removed...for the neighbors of southgate community that support this Marine I give you two big thumbs up...Sounds like the HOA majority needs to remember that the US service men and women are the reason they can even have such an association!! OOH-RAH!

  2. Yes, the rules should apply to all people ... except military parents?

  3. Yes, the rules should apply to all people ... except military parents?

  4. The very idea of an HOA is the very fabric this country is founded dont misunderstand Im not un-idealistic, I know HOA's help stabalize property value and standards, and I also realize that the fact a subdivision having an HOA is disclosed to prospective homeowners and it is thier choice to purchase within the guidelines of the HOA subdivision, but for a minute lets be realistic...those rules applying to signs generally refer to advertising and political signs...soliciation if you will...these parents are simply showing support to thier beloved child and the military orginaztion to which he is a member of...This sign is not soliciting, not contraversial, nor is it discriminating in any way. As a patron of our beloved country and true red blooded American could make a freaking exception.

  5. Forgive the typo Im quite aggitated at the anon's comment. the sentence was supposed to read HOA GOES AGAINST the very fabric this country is founded on.

    A person should not be able to have an orginaztion tell him or her what he or she can or cant do with property they bought with thier hard earned money.

    I do realize the sign is not on their property but come on....really...are you a communist?

  6. This could have all been avoided if the HOA agreed to meet with the Burrs in the first place.


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