Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bossier Church Shooting: Allan Haltom also faced criminal charges

Allan Corby Haltom, who police believe shot his wife Angela on the parking lot at First Baptist Church in Bossier yesterday, was under a restraining order that had just been re-issued yesterday morning.
He also was facing criminal charges from an incident that occurred in June.
On June 5th, according to filings in the Bossier Clerk of Court’s office, Haltom told his estranged wife that she could bring the children and get some personal items and that he would not be at the house.
When they entered the house, he was hidden in an armoire and came out with a pistol in his hand. When Angela Haltom ran down the hall, he told her ‘it’s not for you’. He then allowed the young people to leave the house.
Police were called and he came out of the house without incident.
After the incident, it was discovered that he had dead-bolted the doors to the house and had unplugged the garage door opener. He also had left some savings bonds and a note outside for his mother, stating that he was sorry for what he was going to do to himself and Angela.
Within the next 4 days, Angela filed for divorce and for a protective order, which is a civil proceeding. That order was issued on June 9th, and on that same day Allan Haltom was charged with one count of kidnapping and with four counts of aggravated assault. Bond was set at $75,000 on the kidnapping charge and at $20,000 on each charge of aggravated assault, for a total of $155,000. His attorney immediately filed for bond reduction, noting that he was well settled in the area, retired after 20 years of military sevice and had no criminal history.
Judge Bolin signed an order reducing bond to $2,500 for each charge of aggravated assault and $10,000 for kidnapping, for a total of $20,000.
The order reducing bond also required that Haltom check into VA hospital and not leave until a Doctor opined that he was not a threat to himself or others, and that he continue with follow-up care and enroll with the Sheriff’s Probation Department so his progress could be monitored. I was unable to find out how long he stayed in the hospital or if he had followed up.
Angela Haltom was back in court yesterday morning with an application to have the protective order re-issued, as it was set to expire. The court approved it.
That all led up to the events yesterday afternoon.


  1. Who was the attorney & who was the Judge?

  2. Judge Bolin reduced the bail. Keep in mind that the purpose of the bail bond is to assure that the person will appear in court, it's not a punishment or fine. Jarred Franklin was his attorney.

  3. Protection orders are the most worthless document the courts issue. Given the circumstances, the bond should not have been reduced.

  4. Murder/Suicide is nothing new with domestic violence, it is very sad and unfortunate. The problem I see is that the media wants all the gory details regarding each case so that they can dissect it. It's horrible but this gives other people ideas to do the same thing. SBC has has four of these happen in the last eight months. I believe that the more the media reports the more it makes the matter worse. Media outlets do not have the right to know all details regarding a case. I do feel that more should be done to prevent this activity, whether it is the police, judges, attorneys, family, or us the citizens.

  5. I hate to say this cause I wish more could be done but a protection order is not totally worthless it does give legal grounds to stand on if the recipient of the order crosses any lines on the order unfortunately we cant charge a person for a crime they havent committed even how dangerous we know the person to be. This is just absolutely tragic--Jimbo

  6. The police put him in jail. But I think more should be looked into as to the bond reduction and the DA's office not protesting the decision.

  7. This is another truly sad deal for sure. I'm not going to say that protection orders are worthless. I'm sure they carry some weight with sane individuals.

    But, when you're dealing with a demonic nut-job, you may as well just tape a sign to the door saying "don't come in Allan!" It's kind of like posting a "Gun-free Zone" sign on a public building. The sane folks will comply...the nuts will not.

    As a side note, I went to the KTBS website last night to get some details on the shooting (I had heard about it at work). I thought that the MyBossier commentors could get out of line occasionally.

    Nah...the MB commentors are pussycats compared to what I read over there. I mean, there was some sad junk being spewed.

    Regardless, my heart goes out to the family of Mrs. Haltom. I can't even imagine what they must be going through.

    And, we are seeing a lot of this lately. And, I think we all know why.

  8. "And, we are seeing a lot of this lately. And, I think we all know why."

    Enlighten us, Andy.

    KSLA reporting 8 people arrested for fighting, three stabbed (though not by police). Happened last night behind the Shady Grove Recreation Center.

  9. I worked with Allan for over a year and was a close friend, we havent talked in about 1.5 years now due to us both having different jobs. I knew his wife and his 2 kids. This has been a very sad day to hear this news for me. back then he was a very fun loving happy guy, and they seemed to have a ideal family life. Prayers go out to all their family, and please look out for their kids!

  10. "...we are seeing a lot of this lately. And, I think we all know why."

    I'm like that other commenter, I don't know why either. Seems to be a huge increase in violence lately, especially in Bossier City, but "why" escapes me. Unless maybe you are talking about the heat wave, day after day of 100plus temps. I have really gotten concerned about nobody being arrested for killing the young man from Vivian as he drove on Old Minden Road a few weeks ago. Did the police just forget about that one?

  11. That's a good question big Earl. He'll with all the other murders in Bossier City, I forgot about that one myself.

  12. Well, obviously we don't all know why. And, maybe I don't really "know," either.

    But, I believe that society in general is on edge. Working people are drugged up, stressed out, and ready to explode.

    The welfare crowd is aimless, and hear from their leaders daily about how they are still getting the shaft.

    Prisons are overcrowded (due to do-gooder libs that have forced regulations that municipalities can't handle financially), so Judges have to pick and choose who should stay at the GrayBar Motel, and who's gotta be cut loose.

    LIFE has been cheapened by Hollywood, Washington, and constant exposure to a culture of death.

    Certainly, there have always been murders, and unstable murderers. But, I believe our once civil society...with its restraints on behavior is crumbling.

    And then (you can chuckle if you'd like), there is the spiritual component on top of it all. Satan is taking advantage of all of this, and wreaking havoc in the hearts and minds of men.

    Just my two cents.

  13. Thanks for the soapbox, Andy. I agree 100% with your reasoning.

    I'll also add that a City administration more interested in their own power and corruption than improving and regulating (making regular, not restricting) a stable police force is partially to blame. (How many lawsuits are they fighting right now?)

  14. I agree with you Andy, especially the last part. I believe this country began its fall when we did away with the draft and took prayer out of the schools, so society as a whole has no respect for the lives of others! We need God back in our schools and we need to pray for our children! Just saying!

  15. The reason they they have to pick and choose who is in jail is because of the foolish "war" on drugs. The majority of pre trial detainees are non violent drug arrests. Clearly the economy can not handle the cost of keeping non violent offenders locked up. Who would you rather have locked up, a marijuana smoker or a maniac like Haltom?

  16. In bossier we have plenty of jail space and plenty of money. Room nor money was the issue in this case. A judge lowered the bond on an individual who clearly was a danger to someone. It was pure irresponsibility on part of the judge and he should have to explain his decision. He knew the situation and lowered the bond at the request of the "defense" attorney. The DA's office is just A's responsible due to the fact they did not object to thus decision. Too many sweet heart deals in benton

  17. We can all armchair quarterback this situation, but none of us know all the FACTS of the case. Remember, in the US, you are innocent until proven guilty, and bond is routinely given for accused murderers, which is not the case here. I agree protective orders have some merit, but lack the ability to prevent such attacks. Any nut case can do whatever he wants unless he is behind bars, and unfortunately the case had not made it that far yet.

    If you consider how many protective orders there are out there any given week, NO ONE can predict who will follow through with threats made to any reasonable degree.

  18. That's a good point. On the morning Mrs. Haltom was killed, she went to court to get her restraining order continued. There were 24 on the docket that day.
    So far as reducing the bond, that is done in nearly every case that comes up.
    So far as protective orders, KTBS has a little article on their website. Sheriff Prator pointed out the same things that you did - a protective order is just a piece of paper and can give people a false sense of security.

  19. I don't think you can stop someone like Allan Haltom, if someone is willing to take their own life a restraining order is not going to stop them, even if he was not bonded out of jail he would have eventually got out. I don't think the blame is on our legal / police system at all, Haltom had a plan and he was going to do it no matter what.

  20. The police department would protect more people if they handed out guns instead of protective orders.

  21. Howdy folks, I'm back and I haven't commented in a while, so I guess I will put my two cents into this fracus. Everybody knows that crime is on the rise here in Bossier Parish. You got triple murders, husbands killing wives and then themselves, kids fighting and stabbing each other and now little kids raping. Now some of you might be burying your head in the sand and say it's still a good place to live, and I agree. But, you better be drawing your line in the sand with the upcoming elections next month and you better be thinking about our next Sheriff. Yes I know, Julian is our leader blah, blah, blah.... and poppycock!! He has no experience with crime and that is final. How do the young men and women of the sheriff's department follow if their leader does not know what the hell he/she is doing. This is a sign of the times and the future. Mark my word, If Julian is elected as sheriff, it will be more of the same of what we have right now with his cousin Larry Deen. And second, that Benton DA needs to go too!

  22. Bill R, good to see you back

  23. 12:38,
    The police department doesn't hand out protective orders. But good advice, if someone is threatening your life, get a gun not a protective order.

  24. Julian is Larry's Cousin, only spent two years on patrol, and was paid a very handsome salary before he left. The teabaggers website has salaries posted. Finally those loses have done something interesting.

  25. Please explain just how Julian and Larry are related

  26. I went to the Tea Party site and also saw that Julian Whittington took a $16k payraise in about 4 months. Most working class don't ever see that type of money and I thought they were supposed to be having some type of fued. Ha, what a bunch of crapola. guess he needed the money to run on. The site also showed the Under Sheriff Doyle Dempsey taking a $27k payraise in just about the same time period. I guess we just learned why Sheriff Deen raised our taxes last year.

    Julian, you disappoint me. I am at a loss for words other than shame on you.


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