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Aryan Nations: A history of hate and violence

I hope you will read this entire post and give it serious consideration. We learned this week that the new 'world headquarters' of Aryan Nations, the white hate group headed by a convicted felon, is now located in Sabine Parish in Northwest Louisiana. It is important that we all realize that this is not some social organization, but a group that has inspired hatred and violence in the past.

What is Aryan Nations?
Aryan Nations was originally based in Hayden Lake, Idaho. It was founded in the 1970’s by Richard Butler as part of his Church of Jesus Christ – Christian. The FBI has called Aryan Nations a ‘terroriest threat’, the the Rand Corporation says it is the first truly nationwide terrorist network.
The group lost some of its steam when the Southern Poverty Law Center assisted Victoria Keenan in obtaining a $6,300,000 judgment against the group.
In July 1998, security guards at the Aryan Nations compound in Idaho shot at Victoria Keenan and her son after their car backfired nearby. The Keenans were returning from a wedding and stopped briefly near the compound to look for a wallet that had fallen out the car.
Bullets struck their car several times before the vehicle careened into a ditch. Members of the group held the Keenans at gunpoint.
Butler was forced to turn over his 20 acre compound to Keenan.
Ray Redfeairn had been named by Butler to suceed him as the head of Aryan Nations, but died in 2003, a year before Butler. Redfeairn, who had been the Ohio State leader for Aryan Nations, was a particularly violent person.
In 1979, Redfeairn shot a police officer three times (but failed to kill him). Redfeairn held up a car dealership and a motel and was stopped by Dayton Police Officer Dave Koenig.  According to Koenig, who was 22 at the time, Redeairn leaned over him and said "You fucking pig, you think you're so bad now, eh?", and then shot.
While Richard Butler ostensibly promoted non-violence (at least to cover himself legally), Redfeairn had no such inhibitions.
"We are dangerous. Dangerous to the Jews, niggers, and anyone else who poses a threat to the white race. What I find especially disturbing is the niggers."
At the Keenan trial a tape was produced of Redfeairn at the pulpit, with Butler standing nearby, calling for violence. 
Redfeairn said "to grab an AK-47 or an M16 and run and plug some nigger in the head" was an act of "conscience" that he "won't condemn."
Another violent act was committed by former Aryan Nations guard Buford O’Neal Furrow Jr., who fired more than 70 rounds from a submachine gun at a Jewish community center in Los Angeles. He wounded five people, then drove off and shot and killed a Filipino-American postal worker.
They're here
Redfeairn’s top lieutenant in the Ohio organization was Morris Gulett, who had his own record of run-ins with the police in 1997.  He was spotted driving the wrong way on a one-way street and crashed his vehicle into a police car after a 12 mile chase.  Before crashing his van in a creek, he ran one officer off the road and tried to run down another one. Gulett said he ran because he didn’t have a drivers license and ‘was just in one of those moods’. He pled guilty to aggravated assault on a police officer.

Morris Gulett
Gulett recently served time in prison for conspiracy to rob a bank. 
Now he’s out, and has established his headquarters in Converse, Louisiana.  Converse is in Sabine Parish, just below the DeSoto Parish line.
Gulett is attempting to raise money, and is asking for donations to be noted ‘building fund’, and sent to

Aryan Nations - World Headquarters
Converse, Louisiana
Sabine Parish
Converse is in the northeast corner
There is another faction that broke off from the original group.  It is led by August Kreis. They have been relatively inactive.
Of course, Gulett is propadandizing at this point, saying that he just wants to get the message out, and that he is non-violent.
Don’t believe it.
Aryan Nations has always identified with the Nazis, and has embraced Hitler as a great world leader.
I find it somewhat ironic that they have decided on Sabine Parish, which has a lot of Spanish and Native American descendants.
I have a friend who is from Sabine Parish and has a daughter with Down Syndrome. Guess what their honored Führer did to people with Downs?
Killed them.  By the thousands. Because they were ‘unfit to live’.
Is this what we want our vulnerable young people exposed to?
Gulett will be reaching out to young, unsophisticated minds. He will have a message that may be appealing to some of them who have no knowledge of, or sense of, history, while it is appalling to us.
We need to speak out in any way we can and let the world know that these people, and that their message of hate, are not welcome in our part of the world.
Here are a couple of videos of Gulett explaining that Aryan Nations is a 'Christian organization'.  This is the approach he will take when recruiting people to his cause.
Just keep in mind that this is the man who pled guilty to ramming into a police car and attempting to run down another police officer. 
He is also the man who recently served time in prison for conspiracy to rob a bank.
He is also the disciple of the man who shot a police officer three times, after saying "You fucking pig, you think you're so bad now, eh?".
This was the same mentor who said "to grab an AK-47 or an M16 and run and plug some nigger in the head" was an act of "conscience" that he "won't condemn."
Keep that in mind.


  1. Wow. That's some gold medal hate. Why doesn't splc also call out black gangs who killed many more officers and civilians? Justice should be blind, but few actually call out the blacks organizations who publicize their message on FM radio with songs like "Kill Whitey", and "cop killer".

  2. That is irrelevant. What is relevant about their connection is that they forced them out of their home in Idaho to wander for a while until they settled here. This blog has called out people of both races who call for violence.

  3. Very good blog, Jim. I hope folks take this bunch seriously. You are correct. They will attempt to prey on the young, unsophisticated minds. Let's pray that they have very little success.

  4. The guy who shot and killed the two detectives in Bastrop a few years ago was part of the Aryan Circle. That group was said to have once belonged to the Aryan Nation but branched off. These are very, very dangerous individuals.

  5. Aren't the really dangerous hate groups far more secretive than these yahoos? I know that the KooKlucksKlowns operate under sheets and nobody actually knows their identity.

  6. I agree 100% that these individuals are highly unstable and can flip at any time, but I do not agree that the comment about calling others races (hating) out as well is irrelevant. Hate is hate period. Racism is racism weather is white hating or black hating far as these guys your definitely right. they are actually moving away from the shaved heads and combat boots look. A lot of them have turned into the business man and could be one your neighbors or the guy at the store. Its scary to think that if more and more thinks continue to go the way it is with the govt then these guys are gonna have a lot more rolls and ammo to use in their recruiting. Which in turn will have an audience much more open to listening. Scary times

  7. "but I do not agree that the comment about calling others races (hating) out as well is irrelevant"

    I was responding to the the question as to why SPLC doesn't call out black gangs. I understand your point, I was just trying to keep attention on this particular group.
    I will look at doing a blog post on the general atmosphere of hate, because there is plenty of it to go around.

  8. Jim -

    I appreciate your posting this story but would suggest you remove the address and phone number. Why do their pr for them.

  9. Not a bad idea. I didn't list their website for that very reason.
    Consider it done.

  10. I gotcha Jim must have misinterpreted it earlier my bad on that. These guys are as dangerous as any other group out there for sure. Like I said there a some of them moving out towards the "respectable business look" but I remember one night shift at ihop on the boardwalk I saw two skinheads decked out with their black shirts blue jeans steel toe boots and suspenders. One of them had the red "blood laces" which means he has spilled blood of a "lesser race" and the other guy had white which means he has yet to do so...these guys looked 20 years old...scary to think my newborn daughter might come across them as well

  11. They are scary, and some do become 'respectable', and that is the scariest part.
    Their ideas are flawed, as were those of the original Nazis. They also have no sense of history. The only thing that they have in common with the original Nazis is that they all are a bunch of thugs.

  12. I was glad to see you noted " as part of his Church of Jesus Christ – Christian." I think the keyword here is "his". Many people will pervert true Christianity to justify their sin.

    In the 1800's Europe and in particular Germany began to question whether the Bible was true and began to teach evolution and an old earth age. This culminated in Hitler's beliefs (be careful about what is being taught, and the consequences of that). Evolution teaches the survival of the fittest and that some races are less advanced than others. Hitler took it upon himself help nature out to improve the human race by destroying to weaker. Since evolution teaches we are here by accident and without purpose, it made it easier to justify his murders and sleep at night. Christianity teaches that you are created by an almighty loving God for the purpose of being able to enjoy His infinite love. At that point we look at each other as Gods creation and should treat each other as such. I believe this is one reason their are so many abortions and there is a rise in violence towards children and women and men. When this group claims to follow the Bible, compare their actions to this: 1 John 4:20-21
    If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen? 21 And this commandment have we from him, That he who loveth God love his brother also.

  13. And let me add, it is most likely the race from Adam to Noah was black. We are all defended from Noah since no other families survived the flood. I say this because being white means we are missing pigment and as the human race continues, information is lost, not added as evolution would have you believe. So those they hate are their ancestors. Unless they don't really believe the Bible and say the black race are descended from Cain and then they are saying the Bible is wrong, going against what they claim to stand on. Also they hate the Jews, the people that God chose to bring His son into the world with. Like I said, theirs is a perverted form of Christianity

  14. Well, Darrell, where did you get any information about any characteristics of Adam and Eve which could be called "Black"? There were eight people who survived The Great Flood, and each of them would have somewhat different genome. While it is true that we are all descended from Noah, each and every descendant of Noah also had many other ancestors. Much of our genetic diversity is through the wives of Noah's sons. But even in the case of the sons, each and every offspring of Noah and his wife, except identical twins, would have some genetic differences. We are all descended from Adam in a unique genetic manner which simply does not apply to Noah. I believe that science greatly erred from the truth when they tried to divide the human creation into three distinct "races" of people. After people were scattered over the Earth at the Tower of Babel, the characteristics that people call "race" developed due to environmental factors. And this was not limited to three "races", and is completely irrelevant after our more recent ancestors started redistributing themselves all over the Earth. Even if I did believe in "race", I would not know which one to claim, as our British ancestors were a "Heinz 57" breed of people before they even came to North America, and as soon as they got here, Captain John started gettin' it on with Pocahontas. Here in Western Louisiana, the no-mans-land of the Sabine Strip was a mecca for the "red-bones" and "melungeons" who "passed-for-white, so we certainly would not know what race to claim in this part of the country.


  16. I heard a radio commercial for Topps Western Wear about "Get your Aryan T-shirts here". Would these be the same entity?

  17. Most of you folks have probably never even read or studied the Bible. So what do you know about it really ? A big fat nothing.

  18. Aryan Nations World Headquarters
    Post Office Box 282
    Converse, Louisiana 71419

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