Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Justice Joe Bleich to replace Judge Bolin

Joe Bleich of Ruston, a retired Associate Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court, and a retired State District Judge, Division “B”, Third Judicial District, Lincoln and Union Parishes, has been appointed to serve in the place of Judge Bolin.
Judge Bolin retired effective January 31st.
Judge Bleich will serve until the election this fall, when a replacement will be chosen.
So far, Whit Graves & Mike Nerren have made it known that they will run.


  1. judge bolin
    thank you for all you have done for all of these years. you have been a great judge and very fair. i am proud to say i worked with you and you will be missed. god speed with you and your family. you will be missed.

    kenny and kathy viola

  2. Has he said why he did not finish his term?

  3. Probably tired of all the Bossier political bullshine, and he just could take any more.

  4. He has been working for free for several years - he maxed out a few years ago - he has been a tremendous servant to our community - he will be greatly missed


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