Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Perception - Bossier City Council

Time to lighten up.  This is just something for a smile, so don't get your panties in a wad!
Here are my photos of the Bossier City Council.

As most of us see them

As they see themselves

As certain My Bossier Commenters see them


  1. Bottom picture is wrong, I said "Shriner CLOWNS!"

  2. Eggcellant blog, indeed!

  3. Luv it!!! This is priceless. Am still laughing!!!

  4. Attached is how much influence "My Bossier" commenters have. (note: there is no attachment.)

  5. Do not under estimate the power these bloggers have. This forum is very informative and it's following is quite large. I will agree, at times, there are some real "idiots" on here posting non-sense but for the most part, comments are on spot with what's really going on. You "older" politicions fail to recognize the power of social media and it's impact. Your actions are no longer hidden because of this. The sooner you learn this, the better off you will be.

  6. Anon @ 10:20, Because blogs are ways for people who have not other means to get their message out is the reason government is wanting more control of the internet. Older politicians do know its power, and that is why they and their supporters attempt to malign their detractors as crazy conspiracy theory nut jobs. Not to say in some cases that's true..

  7. To be 1 ask 1! Why would anyone want to be like those clowns? Half of city hall, the police department, and the fire department are masons and shriners! But then again so is half of the KKK! Matter of fact some of those who work for these departments are in the KKK! Just staing fact!

  8. 7:30
    Really ... Just stating facts...I don't know where your facts are coming from but as a former bcpd officer I have no earthly idea what your talking about. I'm not a mason or for that fact very religious but to say most of the police are kkk is down right ridiculous. Chances are you were "wronged" somehow as you see if for speeding or something. Over my years on this earth I have learned a very important fact...those that claim others aare racist are usually the most racist people in society. Not saying you are cause I don't know you but to throw out that kind of claim is so far from the truth. I may not like some of the things that go on in the city but I have never meet a "kkk" member there and I was there for a while

  9. The pictures are really funny. Great job.

  10. 7:30,
    I have probably been one who has done the most bitching about the Masons and Shriners on this blog, and I believe they have a stangle hold on the city and has been the cause of most of the city's problems due to masomic cromyism. With that said, your statement about them being members of the KKK is one of the stupidest things I ever heard.


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