Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Judge hears from both sides in Danielle Cox suicide case

Judge Joe Bleich heard from both the prosecution and the defense in the Jason Thomas case today.
Thomas is facing charges of Criminal Assistance to Suicide.
Thomas had sent more than 100 messages to 15 year old Danielle Cox encouraging her to kill herself.
You can read the details of the case from these two earlier blog posts, if you are not familiar with it.
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Judge Bleich granted a motion to allow the defense to examine Danielle’s medical records. He did place some very strict limitations on it, however, requiring that anyone who has access to the records (staff, etc) have to sign in and out, with their full name and address.
“I will not see this young girl’s medical records bandied about” were his exact words.
He also said that if anyone violates this strict confidentiality, they would ‘wish they had never heard of me’.
Danielle suffered from Diabetes and from Depression. It seems that the defense strategy will be to show that Danielle was troubled and that she was suicidal.
It seems to me that this is two-edged sword, however, and doesn’t exonerate the defendant from his actions.
Defense attorney Elton Richey also requested a bill of particulars as to exactly what facts led the prosecution to charge Criminal Assistance to Suicide. ADA Andrew Jacobs has 20 days to answer.
The trial itself will begin in May. I will keep you posted of any new developments.
Jessica’s parents have a Facebook page, Smiles for Danielle.
  • Smiles For Danielle is a group created in her memory. Our hope is through education and awareness, those who suffer from mental illness will no longer see suicide as a viable solution. Welcome to this group, we look forward to doing great things and thank you for your support.
If you are on Facebook, join the group and keep up with their efforts to help other kids and families.


  1. This young man has to answer for this. There is no excuse for what he did.

  2. i personally feel the pain that the family is going through and have my condolences. I also am a law student and even though it is my interest to defend the rights of the defendant, i,at times like this, wish that i could be on the side of the prosecutors due to this injustice by the ignorance of children that haven't live long enough to measure the damages caused when the wrong words come out, which as a result people like Danielle will feel that they are uselss; and for that bullies must pay the price as they flame the thoughts of this young girl who suffer from depression, and unaware that she had her whole life ahead of her!


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