Sunday, March 4, 2012

Blood Money and more

I haven't been very inspired on the blogging front this week. I don't feel compelled to blog every day unless there is something of pressing interest that I feel people want to talk about.
Just a few comments today.

The New Orleans Saints
If you have read the blog for any length of time, you know I am was a big Saints fan, and have been for a long time. Heck, I even blogged on the first game that the Saints ever won, an exhibition game in Shreveport way back in 1967 which I attended.
Now we find out that the Defense had a bounty system for injuries to opposing players which was sanctioned by DC Gregg Williams, who even participated. Tom Benson and Sean Payton knew of it and didn't stop it.
I didn't like this when Buddy Ryan did it at Philadelphia in the 90's and I don't like it now. It is just wrong and it corrupts the sport.
No more.
I'll limit my football watching to college ball (it's better anyway) and continue my life-long support of the great LSU Tigers.
No more pro ball for me.
The School Board
The board is solidifying its expansion plans, contingent on the passage of the $210,000,000 bond issue. Without going into detail, looks like a new elementary school for Benton somewhere on the Kingston corridor, and in Phase 2 a new high school. I'll do a blog post with details soon.
The City Council
The Bossier City Council will be conducting their investigation of the firemen's pay mess. I'll try to get some updates and blog it this week.
Fall Elections
Plenty of time in the summer to cover these. The local one of interest will be the judges' race to replace Judge Bolin. Whit Graves and Mike Nerren have both stated their intention to run. Nerren has a Facebook page up.
Both are qualified to do the job so it will come down to personal preference. I just hope it will be a clean race.
I'll work on these and in the meantime will wait to see which local politican will give us fodder for the blog. I love these guys, they are the gift that keeps on giving.
Meanwhile, enjoy your March into spring and stay tuned.


  1. This should be interesting for good old Bossier City! A vote for Mike Nerren would be a vote for the "old good ole boys" and Dale Teutsch since they are brother-in-laws.

    A vote for Whit Graves would be a vote for the "new good ole boys" since Graves is in the Shriners with several of Bossier City department heads.

    Good ole boy Lynn Austin has been having talks with several people about running for Bossier Mayor. It seems Austin is very discontented with the Marshal's office and is now setting his sights on the Mayor's office.

  2. Webster Parish Ward II judge John Slattery also has a facebook page saying that he is running for District judge. This is the same bench from which John Robinson was elected to the 26th Judicial District. I did not think that Robinson had much of a chance, but from somewhere he spent an amazing amount of money on TV advertising, a really corny commercial with a syrupy voice saying, "Judge Robinson---the goooooooood judge", and it worked.

  3. Jim, I hadn't read about the Saints deal.

    But, it wouldn't have change my opinion of pro Football anyway. I haven't watched it in yeeeeeeeeers. I think I saw one game last season, and I remember watching two the year The (former) Saints ;) won The Super Bowl.

    Don't care for it.

    Doesn't surprise me.

  4. APOV @4:48 - Someone mentioned Slattery at some point, but I didn't know he had decided. I will check out his page on Facebook. Thanks for the tip.

  5. I hate to tell you this Jim but your LSU Tigers pay their players and probably do other illegal things. Most big colleges do. I remember when Jordon Jefferson got arrested the police confiscated 49 pairs of shoes. Really? How does a poor college student afford 49 pairs of shoes. I work a full time job and don't own 49 pairs of shoes. If they took 49 from him that means he owned more. College football is just as dirty

  6. College has its problems, but not as bad. Besides, I'm not going to totally give up watching football, I'll just take what I consider to be the lesser of two evils.

  7. At least LSU is keeping the new tradition of criminal quaterbacks. Jamarcus Russell, Jordan Jefferson and now Mettenberger. You would think LSU could recruit someone at QB other than criminals.

  8. Every thing suddenly looks different here. For one thing, some of those words up there are in Mexican or Coon-ass language or something I never learned.


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