Friday, March 23, 2012

Primaries tomorrow

First of all, the special election for Mayor of Benton will be held tomorrow.
Interim Mayor Wayne Cathcart is running for the office along with challengers Patrick Harrington and Ken Shiflett. My prediction is Cathcart.
Rick Santorum is expected to win the Republican presidential primary. If the polls are accurate, Santorum should walk away with 9 more delegates, Romney and Gingrich 9 between them and Ron Paul working for 2.
At this point I think it is a foregone conclusion that Romney will have the nomination. He is halfway there already, and if you look at the remaining primaries he should walk away with the bulk of the delegates.
Whether that will be enough to cinch the nomination remains to be seen.
Meanwhile, for the most part, I'll leave the national stuff to Pat, she's into it!
I'll concentrate on the judge's race that is coming up and on the congressional race if it appears that Dr. Fleming will have an opponent.
In the meantime, we may peek around the corner into next year and look at the Bossier City elections. That one will be interesting.

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