Monday, March 5, 2012

Put up or Shut up

I have blogged about the Obama birth certificate controversy previously.
I have been willing, as have a majority of Americans, to accept the State of Hawaii's good faith in issuing that birth certificate.
Our blog buddy Rex sees some problems with it, and he's a pretty smart geek.
Now Sheriff Joe Arapiao of Maricopa County, Airzona has launched an investigation and says that he believes it might be a forgery.
Now how a county sheriff in Arizona is going to investigate the government of another state is problematical to say the least. Sheriff Joe did indicate that he might seek the help of congress.
Now our own Congressman John Fleming is posting articles on Facebook linking to World Net Daily about the investigation. (Here and here).
A number of other congressmen have expressed doubts about the authenticity of the birth certificate.
As I said, I accept that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. I accept the word of the State of Hawaii.
That being said, I certainly have no objection to a total airing out of this in an attempt to arrive at a definitive conclusion, once and for all.
If Congressman Fleming and his colleagues believe that the birth certificate is a forgery, then it is incumbent upon them to do some things.
  • Immediately call for an investigation of the State of Hawaii officials who produced this document and then certified that it is a copy of an original.
  • Immediately file Articles of Impeachment against the President of the United States for fraud and conspiracy, because if you believe that the birth certificate is a fraud then certainly the president was a perpetrator of that fraud.
In other words, it is time to put up or shut up. It would be unconscionable to do otherwise.


  1. Good to know our congressman is busy wasting his time.

  2. I have always thought that birthers were wrong but when Joe Arapiao starts digging, it makes me want an investigation to take place. Obama was elected although a lot of questions remain unanswered like how he sat in a church for 20 years without once hearing Rev. Wright make statements that were un-American. Many other questions remain because the media are in love with him and will do anything to protect him. I hope congress will investigate.

  3. I still think the birthers are wrong, but I also believe that if a number of congressmen believe the State of Hawaii issued a fraudulent birth certificate, they have an obligation to pursue it.
    And if they believe that, as I said, then they believe the president was involved, so they must impeach.
    Their action (or inaction) will let us know if they really believe it or if they are using it as a tool to bash Obama in order to cover up the real issues that are at hand in this year's election, because trust me, both parties have a lot that they would like the public to ignore.

  4. Starting to look like Whitewater investigation that started as an investigation over a land deal and ended up with a stained dress.

  5. I just find it strange they put his fathers race down as African. Back in 1961 they would have put black male or negro male in the race spot.

  6. I am so glad to see John jump on the so called (birther) debate. I also believe where there is this much smoke there has got to be fire .This man has too many unanswered questions ,i could go on and on about him but this isn't the correct place to do that . I will say this is all brought to us by the same people that told us Lee Harvey Killed JFK our Government.

  7. ObozO was born in Kenya.

    I know he was. I will NOT waste my time flogging a dead horse. But, NOBODY (even if they are as retarded as our current POTUS) spends so many millions trying to keep it hid.

    Hell, even that Democrap activist Chicago lawyer Schippers (?) knew it.

    Doesn't matter now.

    Lookit...there are VERY few things that I get a "feeling" about, and I am NO conspiracy theorist type.

    But, the guy was born in Africa, and we're all the worse off for it not coming to light beforehand.

    Time always tells. And, it always tells the truth.

    But, it is a dead horse.

  8. "I am NO conspiracy theorist type. But . . "

  9. john fleming? that idiot (yes, i know he's a doctor; expertise in one area does not equal expertise, or even competence, in others) can't even tell the difference between the onion and real news.

    and birthers, for god's sake, give it up. for your conspiracy to be real, it would involve several states, countries, courts, officials and who knows how many private citizens. he's an american. deal with it.

  10. Go ahead and laugh, Jimbo.

    Time always tells the truth.

  11. Andy, you know I love you.
    Wheeler, good to see you commenting.

  12. Jim did you accept the word of Bill Clinton that i did not have sex with that woman too. I don't see how anyone could dismiss all the smoke and mirrors to do with our Presidents past. Did you know his Grandmother worked for the State of Hawaii in the Dept that issued SS numbers. Oh yeah thats a big red flag to any normal thinking person. Why is he paying millions to keep all his records private . Unbelieveable that anyone could dismiss all of this . When the truth comes out what kind of negative impact is this going to have on the US?

  13. Accepting the word of Bill Clinton that he screwed around and accepting the good faith of a US state are two different things.
    Several congressmen have stated their doubts. Only congress can address the question, so why haven't they?

  14. I agree with Sheriff Joe that there is a huge fraud present and if he has a competent investigator, it will be revealed. Just what it will do to the election process will remain to be seen. I know that I'm ready to see a president that is not afraid of revealing his background, and explain why he is justified in rubbing shoulders with people who disavow our country. This alone is despicable. When he is removed from office, lets see where he goes and just how much will he divulge to our enemies for a price.

  15. re: CHARLES

    Hmm, let's see if the State of Hawaii has a department "issuing SS numbers" that is a red flag, since only the SSA issues SS numbers. Of course the only thing more wrong with that story is that Obama's grandmother didn't work for the State of Hawaii at any point. But why let a little truth get in the way. LOL!!! Particularly since you are basing the entire construction on the equally false claim that something is "wrong" with Obama's SS number, which has been widely debunked. But not in birther world.

    And by the way, "he" isn't "paying millions." Again that little nagging problem of truth. "We" are paying millions because in every one of the cases filed the primary defendant has been a government agency at some level that had to pay to defend itself against this nonsense.

    It would be a whole lot simpler if you folks would just say you don't like his policies and the fact that he's "different" instead of spinning these conspiracy fairy tales.

    By the way, good ole' John needs to explain why if he thinks Obama wasn't born in Hawaii he voted for this resolution.

  16. I don't like his policies regardless where he was born.

  17. When he is removed from office, lets see where he goes and just how much will he divulge to our enemies for a price.<<<<<<

    Paranoid? Same ole,same ole. What the Clinton haters showed and talked about. What the Bush haters talked about.

    Cyclical, INDEED!!!

    Pat Paulson or Joe Walsh for President. Crap why not Larry Flynt.

  18. Kartman, you hit the nail on the head. People should look at policies, look at alternatives and find the candidate who most fits their views.
    If people are opposed to Obama, they should lay out their reasons and convince people on the facts. Continual harping on the birth certificate will only serve to aid his re-election. And he knows it.

  19. I can think of a lot of things around here that need investigating. I guess John Fleming doesn't want to burn any political bridges around here though. As far as this birth certificate is concerned, it just seems like political banter. If they really wanted to know where he was born I'm sure they could find out. Congress is incompetent but I don't believe they that incompetent.

  20. if you go to john flemings facebook page, practically every other "post" involves him bashing Obama. Is Fleming seriously talking about this still??? The one thing that stands out with Fleming is he has NO IDEAS of his own, its either some sort of Republican double speak he has heard someone else say, or some sort of conspiracy about Obama. One would think a doctor would have more common sense.

  21. Good Gravy, there are nurses, doctors, hospital administrators, friends of the family, enemies of the family, and all sorts of other people who are aware of a child being born. The president is young enough that many of these people are still alive, and many are sure to be Republicans and enemies of the president, and they would surely have been trying to make a name for themselves with publicity if he was not born at the time and place where he claims.

  22. If there was anything to it, the Clintons would have had it and used it. Hillary really wanted that nomination and they are a lot more ruthless than anyone else out there.


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