Friday, July 6, 2012

Odds and Ends

I’ve been a little slow on blogging this week, just enjoying a mid-week holiday. Here’s a little catch up.
-Congratulations to Pat on her first grandchild, a boy, born on the Fourth of July!
-On Forward Now! There are still some of us around who remember the shock waves from this corruption ridden murder-for-hire. Elliott Stonecipher recalls it from a very personal point of view and has some very interesting and provacative comments. Lessons from the Murder of Jim Leslie
-Attorney John Settle has asked the State Supreme Court to review the decision in the Bossier School Board case. Judge Jeff Cox ruled in favor of the School Board and the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals upheld his ruling. The Supreme Court will decide whether to accept the appeal within 30 days.
-I’m still keeping an eye around the corner on the Bossier City elections next spring. From a blogging point of view, this holds a lot more interest than the national elections this fall. The city elections can hold some surprises, while the national election, in our part of the world, is a foregone conclusion.
It looks like restaurant owner Michael Beam is cooking up more than his daily specials. Barring unforeseen circumstances, he will be running for a council seat in South Bossier.


  1. Mike Beam is an honest man. He would be good on the council.

  2. The person that murdered Jim Leslie and his
    wife used to race cars for titles out at GM
    with my best friend. I am glad that when he
    got out he robbed Captial One, and got caught
    in Green Acres, and put back in prison. My
    friend said that guy is nuts. We are alot
    better off with him in prison.

  3. The aftermath of Jim Leslie's murder was very painful for me. I was a 22 year old union-represented process operator, and the right-to-be-oppressed-by-employers legislation was a very bitter pill to swallow in the first place, and then for some time after the murder it was loudly proclaimed that Victor Bussie or others in the labor community had commissioned the murder-for-hire of Leslie. I knew Victor Bussie to be an honest, upstanding, courageous leader who would never be involved in anything like that. I also fully believed that George Meany on the national level was committed to rooting out corruption in the labor movement, and had kicked out Jimmy Hoffa and the Teamsters from the AFL-CIO. The way the enemies of blue collar Americans jumped on the opportunity to destroy reputations of good men taught me an important lesson at a young age.

  4. Good luck to all new candidates. Perhaps changing of the guard is necessary.

    This will be an interesting show. Education, educated experience(actual) and protocol to solutions should be of interest.

    Screw the I need to be popular/look at me I am some on,, candidates.

    Incumbents, prove your selves now! Are you re-electable? End the inaction.

  5. Lo needs to go.

  6. Jimmy Hall and Lo needs to go. Jimmy thinks he runs every department. Lo is too busy worrying about impressing the brass at Barksdale AFB. The others can stay. Definitely have to get rid of the puppet master though.

  7. Irwin
    New person in jones' empty seat

    Lo Walker

    Any Takers on the bet?

  8. Mike Beam is dumber than a rock and is definitly part oh the Hall click

    1. OK I do not see any reason for you to talk about Beam that way. What do you have to prove that he is so "dumb"

  9. He is definitely a mason. He will definitely be another puppet.

  10. 7am I hope your right on everyone but Lo Walker
    If you have ever tried to reach out to Walker
    for help you would know why I want him gone.

  11. 11:39,
    Have you tried reaching him at Barksdale AFB? That's where he usually hangs out. There or CIC, he is still trying to make that debacle work.

  12. Mike Beam is an honest man who served as a LEO for many years. He performed his job with honor and integrity. What makes you think that he would perform any less admirably on the city council? The fact he is a Mason? Seriously, is that all you have?! The Masons and Shriners perform countless community services. I'm not a Mason but I am a KC member. Mike loves this Country, this State, this Parish, and this City with all of his being. He is down to earth and not worried about who he can impress. All he is concerned about is doing right for this city!

  13. No matter who gets elected, somebody will always dislike the elected official. Thats just politics. It is absolutely impossible to please everyone. When you elect an official, people need to step back and look at which candidate will provide the greatest good for the community as a whole and not just their own selfish desires. A great deal of people that comment about how they are unhappy with the current officials. Why not bring a new face in like Mike Beam?

  14. Two good points anon 7/18

  15. Mike is a good man, he would do well!


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