Monday, July 16, 2012

Bossier City Scumbag rapes one-year old boy

Zachery Keith Jordan of 321 Berry Street in Bossier City was arrested for raping a one-year old boy. Berry and ‘others’ were supposedly babysitting the child Saturday night.
The boy’s mother took him to WK South on Sunday and detectives were called.
Jordan was arrested in June on a charge of simple possession of marijuana, along with three other people who all gave the Berry Street address as their own. Arraignment on that charge was set for August 29th.
Jordan is in Bossier Max.
SCUMBAG Zachery Keith Jordan


  1. I guess the reefer turns you into a baby raper. That prick belongs on the Group W bench.

  2. @ 6:41, Do you mean with the mother rapers, father stabbers, and the father rapers? I think that's too good for this guy. I think he should be allowed to cut off his own junk on national TV, hang it on a hook, and use it for alligator bait. Then sent his ass to Angola without the benefit of KY jelly or Vaseline. And I still think I'm being too leinient.

  3. This has got to be a mistake. This kind of thing doesn't happen in Bossier. This place is paradise.

  4. What is it about a one year old baby that would make anyone want to do something like that in the first place? I read things like this and shake my head. I'll never understand.

  5. I feel for the little boy and his family,
    and the family of the rapist.


  6. I just don't get it. Such heinous crimes.

  7. Yeah that guy is a scum bag. Also, news:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

  8. 3:15,, Are you serious? Is the bug killer dude really in the same class as the baby raper?

    Come on now.

    Of course in our justice system an individual is innocent until proven guilty.

  9. I just can not imagine this scene. I can more easily imagine a nut-job shooting up a theater full of innocent people than I can this.

    I remember my Papaw telling me once, "Some people don't believe there's a devil, or a Heaven, or a Hell. It won't be so much long until they all know the truth." He passed away a few months later.

    Papaw was right.

    If this guy did this to an infant, I hope that he roasts in one of the warmer places in Hell, after being subjected to it himself in the penitentiary.

    I know that ain't Christian...but...I ain't feeling real Christian right now...

  10. so who leaves their babies with people like this? He is worse than any scumbag but WHERE WAS THIS INFANT'S MOTHER????? HOW DID HE HAVE ACCESS TO THIS BABY????


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