Monday, July 23, 2012

Poor Penn State

Sorry, I don't have a lot of sympathy. Joe Paterno's family issued yet another statement talking about how unfair it is that they took down his statue and are besmirching his "good" name.
For Pete's sake, he looked the other way as his top assistant raped young boys.
Actually, it wasn't the Paterno family personally who released the statement, it was their PR person acting on their behalf.
My best suggestion to them would be to follow in Jo Pa's steps. Call Graham Spanier and tell him how unfair it is, then forget about it.
And while I'm at it, I've seen a lot of comments about not punishing the students and players. So NOW it's about the kids? As a friend always says, C'mon Son!
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  1. Awkward for his family. Indeed.

  2. Yeah, wouldn't want all that going to her head. ;-)

  3. I hope the real lesson is. Overlooked. If you are a teacher, coach, scout leader, youth minister, etc. and you suspect someone doing this don't call your boss, call the COPS. That simple act would have not only prevented years of abuse, but would have saved his image that is forever tarnished over something that someone else did.

  4. I think Imma steal YOUR idea of a "featured blog of the month."

    Since we are all the way down from 9, to 3 visits a day since I quit putting much junk up, I'm sure I can REALLY MAKE SOME BLOGGER'S MONTH by featuring them as the "Featured Blogger."

    I would start with you, but it's too soon. Maybe I'll start with Two Dogs. He hasn't posted anything in months, and he'll probably appreshunate the 3 hits!

    I'll get around to Pat, too. Probably in September.


  5. Andy, that's a great idea. I promise to click on whoever you put up there. September, better known as the beginning of LSU football season, is just around the corner.
    Roll Hogs! Wait, I mean Soooooeeeeee Tide. Or something like that.

  6. The statue of Joe Paterno was taken down at Penn State, and moved to NAMBLA HQ.

  7. Hey Jim,

    I would love to hear your thoughts regarding the Caddo DA's office. The inspectors found that they did nothing wrong but then says Hugo Holland and Lea Hall lied on the application.
    All I can say is Wow! You can lie on a document but somehow you did nothing wrong. Ifbthis makes any sense please let me know. I think it should also be noted that Hugo is also a reserve officer with BCPD. To me his integrity was always questionable but now the proof is in black and white.

  8. sure you've heard this already, but . . .

    if an older woman who likes younger men is a cougar, what do you call an older man who likes younger men?

    wait for it . . .

    a nittany lion. hahahahaha

  9. also, seriously, i am one of those who think the ncaa's punishment of penn state is unjust.

    i know, i know, they had to make an example of "the program" in order to prevent other "programs" from doing the same thing.

    but what's the program other than the individuals involved? nothing. in other words, the ncaa has just penalized thousands of individuals. everyone from coaches to players to janitorial staff.

    so how many of them did anything to deserve it? of the major players, one is dead and the rest are in the caring arms of the criminal justice system. i doubt sanctions on their previous employer will bother these criminals at all. of the current people at penn state, surely there are some who played a role, and maybe the ncaa penalty will impact them in some way. but to do so, it has seriously harmed thousands of innocent people.

    you could even argue that by penalizing today's players, coaches, fans, and supporters for sandusky's actions, the nacaa added to his victims. these are just more people who now have to suffer because of sandusky's wickedness and paterno's indifference.

  10. Wheeler....NYUK! I shall use that one at least four times tomorrow.

    I'm pretty much in agreement with most of what you wrote about the NCAA penalty.

    But, I also understand it in a way. My Daddy always said, "If you're gonna make a point, make a strong one." And I guess the NCAA wanted to put the fear of God in to everybody by making their example extremely clear.

    Still, tens of thousands of folks that just love the game, love their Lions, etc. really got bitch-slapped for something they had no control over. I feel for the young players, too. But, in the end, (dare I say it?) it's just football...

    I can't believe I said that! But, it's easier to say because it's just Big Ten football.


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