Friday, July 20, 2012

We need a Federal War on Guns

I'm seeing a lot this morning about outlawing guns. Not a new mantra, but picking up steam after the tragic shootings in Colorado. New York's Mayor Bloomberg is calling on the presidential candidates to take a strong stand.
Of course, Bloomberg likes to regulate the size of your colas, so limiting firearms is no big thing to him.
I think the federal government should declare a 'War on Guns' and put it under the auspices of the 'War on Drugs'. The Drug Czar could also become the Gun Czar.
That should ensure a plentiful supply of weapons for many years to come.


  1. I just want to say to the nut that wrote this
    article, the minute we give up our guns you can
    take the locks off your doors, leave the keys
    in your cars, expect your kids to get assualted, and many other things. This country
    needs to go back to the laws on low capicity
    rifle magizines, and tighter restrictions on
    assualt rifle sales.

  2. 9:30,, I guess sarcasm is hard for thinking impaired. I think the point the author is saying, and I will type this very slow,,,,, War on Drugs..... is.

    Sarcasm, man, sarcasm.

  3. 12;49 you are right, why don't we give the
    Mexican Drug Lords our guns, and trade them for
    their drugs, that sounds like a great idea. Oh
    I forgot, we tried that and they killed our on
    people. And if you think the war on drugs is
    working, I did not know you could have use of computers in Brentwood.

  4. I am 12:49,, LOL!

  5. 12:49 am Did you tip the bartender?

  6. 12:49, they still don't get it, do they?

  7. Heh! Jim, that is a good one.

    And, the comments truly made me guffaw. I laughed so hard that I swallered a piece of hard candy down my windpipe, and Mama made me raise my arms in the air and beat me on the back until I puked it up.


    To Anon on July 20, 2012 9:30 PM...


  8. 12:49 here again, to 12:50, I guess some do not.

    Very good blog, Jim. Golden.

  9. I'll have to take your word that Jim was being sarcastic here. I thought he was literally advocating gun control. I did not realize that he was being sarcastic until I read the comments. I don't own a gun and probably never will but it doesn't take much smarts to realize that our right to own guns is protected in the constitution.

  10. I support people's rights to own guns but I don't feel anyone other law enforcement and military need assault weapons. The only people I know that own an assault rifle are "gun nuts". They serve no purpose unless your law enforcement or military.
    Every time you hear about someone going into a place and trying to massacre people they are usually armed with an assault rifle. We didn't start hearing about the massacres until the assault weapons ban ended.

  11. AJ, 12: 49 here again. I hope Jim was being sarcastic. It appeared to me as blatant sarcasm/tongue in cheek humor, especially with his "Wow" comment. If I am wrong I owe some folks an apology, if not I will rub it in.

    Waiting on your response, Jim. Sarcasm or not?

  12. Jim, don't give an IQ test as a password. Would definitely lessen the following. That will teach you to use high humor again!

  13. Sounds right to me:
    sar·casm   [sahr-kaz-uhm]
    harsh or bitter derision or irony.
    a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark: a review full of sarcasms.

  14. Sarcasm it is. Heh.

  15. !. No personal attacks or insults.

  16. If anyone was confused I apologize. I thought it was pretty obvious.

  17. It WAS obvious, Jim. It was. Not your fault some don't get it. You're not the Times -- no need to dumb it down...

  18. Conveying sarcasm over the internet is very difficult to do. Because we do not have body language or inflection cues to clue us into the joke, it can be difficult to properly convey sarcasm on the internet without confusing half your audience. Call people dumb all day long but sarcasm is a fine art and is much harder to convey or recognize on the internet.

  19. Jim I am sorry for calling you a nut. I feel
    the timing of article was a little off, but I
    feel you didn't think of it that way. When more
    of our rights are being taken away each day,
    people like myself sometimes speak up, when
    they should not.

  20. 9:13, everyone is entitled to their opinion and is welcome to express it here. I've been called much worse than a nut before.

  21. AJ I really enjoyed your blog, thanks

  22. There is no need for inflection or body language, or whatever in Jim's statement: the last line says it all.

    Very clever, Jim (not being sarcastic).

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