Thursday, August 23, 2012

6 month old dies in tragic accident

I certainly hate writing about this, and only do it in the hope that it might raise some awareness.
A 6 month old little girl was found dead this afternoon in her father's SUV at LSUHSC. Her father works at the hospital and apparently left here there when he got to work this morning. 
My first great-grandchild is a 6 month old, sweet Miss Gabby; my youngest granddaughter is 16 months old. 
I can't imagine what this family is going through.
This isn't going to be judgmental. Although I, and most of you, can't comprehend how this could happen, I'm sure that until today the father couldn't have understood it either.
The same thing happened a few years ago with a 2 year old at General Motors. In that case, the father left the child in the car for several hours until he realized that he had not left him at daycare.
I could ramble on about this, but I won't. The point of my remarks is to point out that there are simple solutions.
First, the government has started a program called Look Before You Lock. Simple to do and a good habit to develop.
But to really ensure that this doesn't happen, an alarm system is available.
It is called the ChildMinder Smart Clip System
It costs $69.95 and takes about three minutes to install. It is activated when the child is strapped into their carseat, and is deactivated when the seat belt is released. If the driver gets more than 15 feet from the vehicle without releasing the seat belt it sends an alarm.
If you have a young child, order one today. I know we never think it will happen to us, and this is a way to be sure.


  1. Such a sad event. As a parent, I can't (don't want to) imagine the impact. At the same time, has our society become so fast paced and self-centered that we cannot remember our child seated in our vehicle? That we need some sort of device to remind us? My heart goes out to the family. There is no punishment on earth appropriate for this act, save that reserved for when one appears before the Throne of God!

  2. These kinds of stories always stump me (sadden me, too). How???

    Maybe Anon hit it with the "fast paced" phrase.


    But, I don't know so much about punishment at the throne of God. It was a mistake, not an intentional act. I'm pretty sure the man will punish himself sufficiently. I hope he finds forgiveness for himself, and from those suffering with him.

  3. Not that this would have helped in the aforementioned situation, but there's a really neat tool called "Res-Q-Me" which has a spring-loaded window punch for shattering car windows. It's $10 bucks and I keep one on my keychain.

    Sometimes the kid is trapped in the car and it's not too late. It's far easier and better to break the window and save the kid, especially if you don't have to find a heavy object to slam through the window, possibly causing injury.

  4. What a world we live in! Just let it slip your mind to get an inspection sticker on the car, and you are going to face a judge with it. Let it slip your mind that you have left your own baby in the car until he or she dies from heat stroke, and you don't have any legal problems.

  5. They did arrest a mother yesterday in Corpus Christi for the same thing. But she was of indigenous American ancestry and hispanic heritage, and not of as high social and economic status as those that have done this in this area and not charged.

  6. Before rushing to judgement, read this story from the Washington Post, which seeks to explore how these tradgedies occur. It's gripping and will make you think:

  7. Thank you Diane, definitely worth reading. Here is a quicker link to the article.
    Washington Post Story

  8. I don't see how arresting someone for such a thing does any good. The punishment of knowing you are the direct cause of your child's death is enough. What good comes from jail time?


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