Thursday, August 2, 2012

Haughton man tries to carjack U.S. Marshals

Joshua Carter, 25, (of Haughton of course), decided he was going to jack a vehicle in downtown Shreveport yesterday afternoon.
Now I don't know what thought processes (if any) a person goes through to come up with the brilliant idea to attempt to carjack the black SUV with the blacked out windows. I mean, who could have guessed?
When Carter tried the door handles and beat on the windows, three members of a U.S. Marshal's task force bailed out of the vehicle and arrested him.
I haven't awarded one of these in a while, but Mr. Carter truly deserves it.


  1. He may win it for the year!!!

  2. That's gonna be hard to top. Even Caddo DAs are a mere whimper in comparison.

  3. Hey Jim you forgot to makeup some stupid story
    about gun control after the seven people were
    gunned down.

  4. Jim, what happened to following rules 1 and 2? You exempt?


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