Thursday, August 9, 2012

BCPD promotes two

Bossier City Police Chief Shane McWilliams promoted two officers to Sergeant.
Scott Gray and Bernard Grant are both assigned to patrol.
Sincere congratulations to both.


  1. Congratulations to Sgt Grant and Sgt Gray. The way everyone is quitting, we almost have as many supervisors as we do officers.

  2. Why is everyone quitting?

  3. Same thing in utilities. New hires due to resignation, yet no promotions or pay raises.

    Short handed everywhere. That new young Director sure shines in front of the TV camera though. Rookie.

  4. I hear things are good at the PD. So why would anyone leave?

  5. Don't misunderstand. Shane is not the one to blame. Mayor Walker needs to go.

  6. The chief had to ask the new sheriff not hire people away from BCPD.

  7. Other than Mayor Walker having a modicum of testicular fortitude towards this Council. he appears to stand by his men in a sort of shy way. But yet, not too bad of a individual in true terms. I would reelect if he slammed his gavel more and did less stammering. IE, More charismatic leadership. Bigger nut-sack. Grow some. and be the leader he CAN BE!

    If reelected maybe be more gruff and don't be bullied .In a other words take no S**t from the Council.

    BE THE LEADER!!! BOSS! Earn your backing.

  8. I still don't understand why officers are leaving

  9. the officers are leaving cause they are sick of there chief that has no guts and does anything j hall and the mayor tells him to. v. maggio meeds to run for mayor he would win hands down and would get things back on track.

  10. Maggio for mayor? Geez, you people really are backwards. Let's make Bo Vice police chief.

  11. I like Vince but hell no to him being mayor

  12. What is the answer? New mayor? New chief? Who wants to be mayor that would change things?

  13. A new city attorney would definitely be nice. I like the police chief. He can't run a department unless he has good officers. When you have several veteran police officers leaving because of pay issues and you cant hire quality officers because of pay issues then tell me how is a chief suppose to succeed? The department's patrol shifts have worked at or below minimum staffing everyday for over two years now.
    When you only have the minimum amount of officers, you can only get the minimum amount of work done. Officers want to fight crime but are told they can't because due to the low number of officers, they can't keep up with number of "calls fir service".

  14. What are the pay issues in PD? Aren't the officers getting the state mandated raises verses the rest of the city departments not having a raise in four years?

    Seems like every two weeks there are promotions in PD yet none in other departments.

  15. It's my understanding, people are leaving due to lack of pay raises of any signifance(if haughton pd makes more than Bcpd, then that is a shame). In addition, I was shocked to learn the small number of actual patrolman there actually are, at any given time... It's a complete embarrassment and as a citizen of bc, I was appalled when I learned the truth

  16. Why does everyone become cry babies when the pd is discussed. A detective told me things are ok.

  17. I'm sure he did. The last detective that spoke up for the officers got put back in patrol.

  18. And the one that got put back on patrol could
    be gone when the Mayor is forced to answer
    allegations about that fine officer, when the
    election race begins. When Tim Larkin asked
    the mayor about these allegations, the mayor
    Lawyered up. That want work for the voters.

  19. 7:16,
    What the hell are you talking about?

  20. patrol shifts are working many days with only 7 or 8 officers covering the entire city. wait, i am not allowed to say that.

  21. 1:23,
    You forgot to explain that the minimum is 10 officers per shift. But your right, shhhhhhh. Everything is ok everyone. There is no crime in Bossier.

  22. Anybody want cheese with their whine?

  23. Yes sharp cheddar. City employees don't seem to be whining, bitching. Earned that right in my opinion.

  24. Since Lo Walker has become mayor my pay has been cut, my tax raised 3 times, and my water bill has tripled. Maybe I should do what the chief and the deputy chiefs have done and just move to Haughton.

  25. Haughton is God's country.

  26. Is there a way to identify who is posting? If they are BCPD employees they should be reported to the chief.

  27. Why? We're not mad at the chief. It's the mayor we don't like.

  28. 7:06, are you serious?! I bet you ran and told Mommy everything.

  29. The rest of us are good cops and pleased with the department. These cry babies are not unhappy with BCPD. They are unhappy that they chose the wrong career and only they can fix that.

  30. 12:07, Your words are spoken like a true kiss @$$!

  31. The Mantra of the 70's with today's realism,,, always question authority yet without anarchy.

    Do not be a jellyfish.

  32. If the current administration had their way, which was put to the side this past session of the legislature, promotions would go only to those who know the lion claw handshake and the secret knocks (or a particular girl friend) and deserving officers who put in their time but not connected would be left out in the cold.

  33. 8:38,,, same in all departments. Employee number 925, here(not real), point being, This administration and city council TRULY keeps forgetting what the running and operations of an organization whether it be private or public, best asset is.

    IT's EMPLOYEES. Just numbers in this town.

  34. Is not a cop...just a citizen of bossier, who is fed up with poor leadership and good ole boy politics! BCPD officers need a pay raise of more than 2% a year... We also need more than 6 patrol officers, manning the entire city..
    Certainly, there is a qualified candidate who will challenge Lowell Walker this year...

  35. With everybody paying for the losing pension fund and the rest of the employees taking a hit also, it seems like the cops are getting a raise through their retirement. The rest of us take hits on our retirement when the market goes bad, but not them. The citizens pay for their screwy investment decisions like golf courses.

  36. I don't believe for a second that there are only 6 or 8 officers on the street in bossier. Sounds like winey cops who think they can scare us into giving them more

  37. 6:11,
    I can promise you that's the truth. There are a minimum 10 officers per shift. One has to work the desk and another works the boardwalk. That leaves 8 officers to work the streets. That is unless someone calls in sick. Then it's less.

  38. The police are not getting a raise in their retirment. it has been years since a retired Officer has got a raise. Feel free to check with the retirement board and verify this.

  39. The fact that your retirement has not gone down after your screwed up investments is more than the rest of us get. Your pension board wrecks the plan and the rest of us make up the losses. Who would hire a cop or fireman to oversee their retirement. No one! Yet we allow them to wreck their system and send the citizens a bill. Someone should go to jail.

  40. 10:27,
    We all agree with you on that. We would love to be the ones to personally go and put handcuffs on people like Bill Fields and book them in jail. Hopefully one day it will happen.

  41. @ 12:03, No kidding. I won't go into it, but there was an incident where he should have been fired but wasn't. Maybe if he had, the retirement system wouldn't be in the "pinch" it's in today. But he has been known to "grab" whatever he can.

  42. From what I understand "grabbing" whatever you can is a common Bossier practice

  43. One "grab" in particular prevented a promotion.

  44. 7:57 "Haughton is God's country" LMAO, It's Peyton Place!

  45. I wonder if all the grabbing is being done in Bossier City is being done in order to grab all you can before the ship goes completely under the surface.

  46. I think so. I think they all know they are getting old and soon it will all be over. It's either that or they have been hanging out with each other at those hunting camps for so long with each other that their behavior has become the norm for them. We have ourselves to blame though. We for the longest time let them do these things and never questioned them.

  47. Please explain. I haven't lived in bossier long.

  48. I somewhat disagree with some of the statements. Some might agree with the statement that around next election in the spring of next year the council will make an AMAZING discovery of a windfall of $$$$'s and give every department a raise for doing such a great job with limited manpower.

    Then each council member will pat each other on the back and tell each other how proud they are of themselves.

  49. I will agree with that statement. However I still plan on voting for change. If anyone credible will run for mayor I plan on voting for that person. There are a few city councilmen I hope will be bone as well.

  50. Anon @ 4:50, The "I haven't lived in Bossier long" routine is old and tiresome. You most likely know more about the problems going on in Bossier because you're most likely one of the creators of them or closely associated with the ones who are. Your "innocent, uninformed" guise isn't working.

  51. 7:12, I would not count on a raise. The pension went up to 30% on July 1st. If there should be any back slapping it should be to the pension board and their free golf for certain cops. Back slap all you want.

  52. 10:59 PM, In one of Jim's earlier blogs, as I remember it the statement, with out unforeseeable consequences this one man is planning to run for a council post.

    I will not mention the name but if the election was sooner would you consider that man credible?

    Just curious.

  53. Mike Beam would definitely be an improvement. He is a small business owner and a former police officer. If I lived in south bossier I would vote for him.

  54. You will see the same people because they tell you no - golfers

  55. Seems the best way to get ahead is to get caught doing something illicit or illegal. Then it gets swept under a rug and held over their head to shut up and do as told. If you want to move up, kiss the right ass, and be a yes man. The only alternate way is to know where Jimmy Hoffas bones are buried.

  56. 9:14 your on the right track but it goes like this. You kiss ass and be a yes man first. Then they get you to participate in something illegal or unethical because you are a yes man. Then your part of the club and if you know what's good for you well you'll remain a dedicated "member" of the club.

  57. I will vote for change also, but I will not vote for an ex or retired police officer. There are reasons for civilian government.

  58. Why have they not promoted BJ yet after the
    great "Honest" police work that he has done.
    He should be the next promoted.

  59. 8:06 You should have left off, former police
    officer. Well what I should have said was he
    a former BCP officer?

  60. Everybody gets re -elected. The only people that are unhappy are a few cry babies on this site.

  61. Better to be a so-called cry baby than a dumba$$.

  62. ^^^

    Yep, always question authority. That is what our Founding Fathers did.

  63. who said your not a cry - baby and a dunba$$

  64. Let's see how this administration handles the hurricane.

  65. I'm sure the police, fire, and city workers will do fine. I'm sure the politicians will wake up after the storm is over and pat themselves on the back.

  66. Knowing the arrogance, and stupidity, of the polce administration, they are probably congratulating themselves for a job well done when nothing happened. They were so good that even Isaac knew better than to test them!!!!

  67. How was the golf this weekend gentlemen?

  68. Sould have bought Walmart stock.

  69. It was pretty hot out there. I played pretty good though. Thanks for asking.

  70. Maybe with the pension situation maybe you will have a lot more time for it. Pat yourselves on the back, huh.

  71. 9-4 2:18 pm The only golf you played was on your PC. Did your wife turn off the AC? I saw
    Lo doing an interview the other day. Poor
    guy was shaking so, I thought he was on a train. You Lo followers need to tell the guy
    to set down for his interviews.

  72. Philip vernon's appeal is being heard by the supreme court. He is there fighting for his job. Lets support him in his fight.

  73. No thanks, my money says he will be disappointed

  74. 6:39 pm I will standup for anyone with the BCPD
    but BJ Sandford. I have seen him in action in
    a Boardwalk case. He changed the way I think
    about good police, and reminded me how police will do anything, to cover for someone. And he
    did have help, LT Stewart, and C.D.Woorley.

  75. And the snakes bite each other .......

  76. 7:47,
    I'm familiar with your case. BJ made the right decision. Your case had no merit. You have no merit. So drop it.

  77. If my case had no merit,why would the BCPD not
    question the Funnybone employee, why was I
    told by Stewart he would lock me up if I did
    not drop the case. Why did BJ add on five witnesses that were not at the funnybone that
    night. Why did BJ not know you could use your
    wife as a witness in a assualt case. And why
    did BJ tell me things that were not true. If
    BJ will take a polygraph test to these matters
    and let me have it published in the Shreveport
    Times, then we will have nothing else to discuss. A case can only have merit, when people
    are telling the truth. I did't get that in my case.

  78. And I did offer a polygraph test, but I was
    refused by BJ. I wonder why? Food for thought.
    Why has there never been any crime reported at
    at the Boardwalk?

  79. Wasn't BJ Sanford the same officer that had
    problems with getting all of his witnesses,
    eye witnesses to point the finger at copperhead.

  80. Somebody seems to be a little too obsessed with BJ Sanford. I mean wasn't your little no merit misdemeanor case over 3 years ago? I bet you have ex girlfriends you stalk.

  81. I think people should no the truth about bad
    police work in the BCPD. If you are keeping up
    with the time sounds like you are alittle obsessed. Just tell Mr. honest are you sure you
    didn't see anything Sanford, to put on his
    big boy pants, and take a polygraph. He can
    even bring Stewart. and I will get him hooked
    up too. And I heard your baby ma mas are wanting their child support.

  82. Thanks to the person that posted 9:23pm
    for me.


  83. So it sounds like Jimmy is saying he has never
    heard of any funny bussiness with the BCPD
    while he has held his job. I wonder if Jimmy
    would take a polygraph with Sanford.

  84. I'm only letting this go because I think everyone reading it is familiar with the incident at The Boardwalk and realizes that there is a grudge in play.

  85. Not familiar with the incident. Can some one please summarize.

  86. Man assualted at the Funnybone, by Funnybone
    employee. Victim has to have surgey to repair two torn ligements in his shoulder. Detective BJ Sanford forgets you can use your wife as a witness in a simple battery. Sanford
    manages to find five extra coctail girls for
    witnesses for the funnybone that were not there.
    Told Sanford boss about the problem Lt. Stewart
    he then threatened lock me up for filing a false
    report if I did not go away. The person that
    assualted me came to work for the Funnybone. I
    called chief D. Woorley and told him they could
    now question the person that attacked me. BCPD
    had eleven months to question my attacker but
    failed to. BJ Sanford is the same person that
    was involved with the Copperhead, norris case
    where he arrested the wrong person for a tripple
    murder. I want Sanford to take a polygraph so
    I can this city he is dishonest. I need everyone's support.

    1. The trio with the BCPD were also involved in a missing person case and could not produce a file of their activity in the case after the missing man was found murdered. Dirty cops!!!

  87. How about this? If you think you were wronged then hire an attorney and/or pay to the polygraph out of your own pocket. The city is not going to pay for a polygraph test over a misdemeanor case that has no merit. Better yet hire an attorney and sue the person that assaulted you. A civil case is easier to prove than a criminal case. Why haven't you done this? Oh yea because your case has no merit whatsoever

  88. I'll still let the comments stand. Charges like this won't hurt Worley, Stewart or Sanford. As for the Copperhead case, has nothing to do with this. It was a premature arrest, but the amount of pressure being applied was immense.
    To the person with the complaints, I think I know who you are. Were you charged with anything? Convicted?

  89. Thanks for the summary.

  90. 8:02,, I am sure there is some credence to your story, but what good would a polygraph do? Not admissible in the court of law. Just might do some internal departmental justification. But in reality probably not.

    Those PD look out for themselves and I can't really blame them. Yet on this blog sight the way some whine and complain I have a hard time accepting some are allowed to have a badge and ARE ALLOWED TO CARRY A GUN, ~sigh~.

    Sorry if you were wronged but this might just be a school of hard knocks thing.

    I am a firm believer in one of my generations sayings. Always question authority without anarchy. Glad you are doing that.

    Checks and balances, man, checks and balances. That is why I hope a former PD Officer is never elected to the City Council. There are reasons for civilian government our country was founded on this principal.

  91. If Sanford, Stewart, or Worley can say I am
    not telling the truth then they are being
    dishonest. When a Detective can lie to a
    victim, threaten a victim and not even question a person that fled the state, then
    something funny is going on.
    And as far as an immense amout of pressure
    being applied to make an arrest in the copperhead case, how often does that happen.
    Sanford let a tripple murderer, a person
    that assualted me walk. How often does that
    happen. I have never been convicted of a crime.
    Have you ever been charged with anything, convicted? I would hope tax payers would want
    to know when citizens are threatned, and
    lied to by BCPD just because they can, and the
    DA says its OK. We don't want to look into that
    because it was a misdermeanor.

  92. Again, thanks for updating and educating. This is interesting and good luck!

  93. What Jimmy is saying is, it is OK for a
    citizen, victim to be lied to, threatened, or
    even not even question the person that
    assualted them, as long as the case has no

  94. 11:43 - email me at If you have a copy of the incident report scan it and attach it.

  95. He only keeps saying he was lied to. He hasn't said how he was lied. As far as being threatened. He was told his case had no merit and after being presented to D.A. He was told the case was not going to be prosecuted. he refused to accept that answer. You began constantly harassing det. Sanford and so he turned to his supervisors. That's how Worley and Stewart got involved. Bottom line is what your not telling is how you started the incident at funny bone and every witness said you started the incident. Accept the fact that your case held no merit and move on. Your wife is a non biased witness. I'm sure you were told that also.

  96. For the last blog, this is exactly what happens
    when tell things they know nothing about.
    After Bj did his first interview, I could tell
    something funny was going on. I never harrased
    Sanford. I called Stewart, right after the first interview and told him BJ is having
    problems with witnesses(like the tripple murder
    case} thats when Stewart got made because I
    called out the dishonesty, and he threatened to
    arrest me for filing a false report, if I
    didn't stop calling, (go away). And why would
    Sanford go to Sgt. Worley that is a theft
    Detective, and Sanford is a homiside Detective.
    According to the FBI, and Attorney general
    there is never a time when you can't use your
    wife as a witnesses in a simple battery. Even
    Bossier. If great officers did nothing wrong
    they should have no problem taking a pholygraph
    test. I offered a polygraph right off the bat
    but Sanford turned me down, I wonder why?

  97. Jimmy if you did not commet a crime, and you
    heard the State Police were coming by to
    interview you about a hit and run where
    someone was injuried. Would you quit your
    job, and flee the state like the person that
    assualted me did? I don't need Worley to do
    a polygraph, I have a witness that heard
    everything he said, according to Worley
    when I told him my attacker was back in town
    so he could now be interviewed, Worley said
    do you think after all this time the man is
    going to say ( yes I twisted is F_______g

  98. Weren't you a comedian at funny bone and got fired? Your one of these people who if they don't get their way you harp on it forever no matter how insignificant the issue. You started that incident and lost.

  99. For one thing the funny bone does have comedians. I have around 12k in doctor bills
    from the assualt. I get shots in my shoulder and
    elbow every three months that are very painful.
    I have lost about 20 percent usage in my shoulder. So what part of that is insignificant.
    Again if Stewart did not threaten me, and Sanford was honest they should have no problem
    showing this GREAT city how honest they are.

  100. Did you contact the chief or make a complaint?

  101. Have you filed a civil suit?

  102. I have filed a civil suit, neither party
    answered the suit. The last time I checked the
    Funnybone has about 20 people- businesses with
    suits against them. Also from what I understand
    each of the threeowners have fled the state and are not answering any of the lawsuits.

  103. I filed a detailed complaint with the Mayor a year ago with no answer from him. I have also
    sent him countless E-mails about the way Sanford handeled my case. If he would have taken
    the time to look into them, Sanford might not
    have arrested the wrong man for a tripple murder. A murderer that still might be on the
    street today thanks to Sanford.

  104. Time to let it go. Just get over it.

  105. I say you should not let it go. Every since the
    strip there has been corruption. Very few
    people will stand up and tell the police they
    were wronged due to fear. I say if you can
    prove wrong doing with a polygraph test do.
    My friend is an officer and they would love
    to see Stewart, Sanford, and Worley leave the
    Department. Change only comes when person
    stands up and says this wrong.

  106. You got fired from the funny bone, you returned later and someone twisted your arm. Everyone there said you started it. Sanford, Worley, and Stewart did not believe your story. Now you say you have attempted to harass the mayor about it and he doesn't believe you.
    Hey I know. Call the governor next. If that doesn't work call the President. Something tells me you'll probably go it.

  107. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  108. Interesting as Heck but please note my two posts in Jim's top blog on humanity obligations.

  109. Email me the suit number of your civil suit or the names of plaintiff and defendants.

  110. Jimmy did you get my e-mail on the suit number?

  111. I did, thanks. Will get back to you.

  112. To heck with all of this. Let's go play golf.

  113. Jim I am tired of being called dishonest when
    you don't know the facts. I can provide for you
    two documents that have statments made by
    BJ Sanford that he made about me, that are
    totally different. I can also show you were
    he left off a key witness in my police report.
    I will provide you this only if you promise
    to post the findings on this site. Now are
    ready to see who is dishonest?

  114. Wow-amazing how one person can hijack a conversation so completely for a month! Sir, I promise you the court of public opinion will not be of any assistance to you whatsoever in pursuing your case. Wait for the real court date and good the party that commented that the police chief is not the problem....puh-leeeeze! The chief is an incompetent, inexperienced yes-man who is so grateful for the substantial increase in pay that came with jumping from sergeant to chief, that he will do whatever he is told by the mayor and city attorney. He may not be THE problem, but he is certainly a contributing by-product. Ask yourself- why him? Many more experienced, longer tenured officers successfully completed the chiefs exam, but the mayor selected an officer from the lowest rank eligible, who doesn't t have a college degree, nor near the supervisory experience of others who were passed over to fill Chief Halphen's vacancy..why?! Well, a previous poster got it partially correct...the whole "lions claw, secret handshake" is part of it, and the other reason is the chief has a lot to lose if he got demoted all the way back to sergeant so it is a given that he will be more malleable than a more seasoned officer. Then, once appointed, he goes and appoints his buddies to deputy chiefs' positions, so there are no checks and balances in place whatsoever. The officers who are "happy" with this administration are the ones who are in on the handshake, wink wink, while the rest are too afraid for what few benefits they have left to say anything. You can call us disgruntled if you want to, 'cause you'd be correct....time will tell if we're disgruntled with cause...guess you'll just have to wait and see.

  115. The above post is 100% spot on.

  116. Anon @ 9-22-12 @ 11:25. Well said, and you are sooooooooooo right!

  117. 11:25 this is 9-20 1:55 I've been saying
    that all along. Why skip over so many
    ranks of people unless you are looking
    for a yes man. Even Worley to me was very
    unprofessional when I asked him to question
    a person that assualted me and halled it
    out of town when the BCPD came to talk to
    him. Worley told me do you think this man
    that fled town is going to say yes I
    pulled on his F_______g arm. Now that is
    just the kind of leadership we need at the
    BCPD. But thanks for your post. If we all
    work together to get rid of Walker then
    maybe we can fix the BCPD

  118. Anon 9-20 1:55, Getting rid of Walker is one step in a multi-step solution. You're going to have to get a mayor who will get rid of Jimmy Hall and who will put a stop to the Masonic bullshit! Worely has no clue as to what he's doing. He was chosen necause he is Jimmy Stewart's friend and McWilliam's drinking buddy. When Deputy Chief Chapman retires there's a move to by pass senior officers to promote junior officer. Senior officers, with experience are being pushed to the side. The excuse is senior officers are "dumbasses" and the department needs fresh ideas. I guess the fresh ideas mean to go back to the way the department was in the 60's and 70's where it who you bl@@ not what you know. The department has become a joke. Now BPSO and SPD are now laughing at BCPD. Every other agency in the area thinks BCPD is a joke and rightfully so!

  119. I would like to know if anyone can tell me
    if the little fat guy Humpries that works
    with Stockton used to work in Homiside. And
    I didn't know Stewart had any friends. He
    like's to threaten people over the phone.

  120. Yes, little fat guy Humphries is the one who worked in homicide. His qualifications are being another one of McWilliams's drinking buddy and police academy classmate. He was useless then, too.

  121. Now that means McWilliams has been dishonest
    with me too. McWillaims told me that fat boy
    had left force and they could not question him
    about an assualt case he was working in my
    behalf, when the trurh was all he had to do
    was pick up the phone. Humphries tried to
    get tough with me in front of his boss, and I
    had himbackin up like a river dance girl. I
    offered him a ride on the elevator but he

  122. 5:31pm I thought I was right about Humphries
    but you helped me to confirm. One big question
    do you why so many people would go as far as
    to lie to cover for the funnybone? I 've
    talked with some older retired Caddo Detectives
    and they feel like something funny was goin on
    between the BCPD and the funnybone. That's
    why no crime has ever been reported at the
    Boardwalk. Thanks again for your help.

  123. I'm sorry I can't help you there. There's just a lot of "funny" things going on in BCPD. The department is falling apart and it seems like it is being done on purpose. There is no real leadership and McWilliams is just one of the empty headed puppets that takes orders from Jimmy Hall. As for the Funnybone, I don't know any connections, but certain city officials have been very protective of the Boardwalk as a whole. With the powers that be in Bossier just drag a dollar bill behind you and see who comes out trying to get it. And you can bet they're wearing a red fez on their head and giving each other a lion claw hand shake.

  124. Thanks for being honest. I was told by one of
    the Biggest Attorneys in Shreveport that you'll get
    no results out of the BCPD with an assualt charge. I also worked with an old friend that
    now has one of the largest Bail Bonds comp.
    in the area. He said dealing with Bossier PD
    is harder than anyone else in the area. I should have listened. And I also want to say
    I know there are some great people with the
    BCPD so please don't take what I am saying
    to heart. I am going get Justice against
    the people that screwed me over, I just have
    to get to the right person.

  125. I may have to make a correction. There were two Humphries at BCPD and both spent time in detective. After a while one loses track of who is kissing who's butt because BCPD, and city hall and all departments, have turned into a butt kissing smorgasborg. There are a large group of people aren't playing the games and those are the ones who arw keeping the whole damn thing from collapsing, but those people are getting fewer.

  126. Did the Humphries in Homiside go to Internal
    Affairs? This would have been in April of 09.

  127. There are two Humphries and both were in detective and one went to internal affairs and the other is still there.

  128. the reason they are all drinking buddies could be its hard sleeping at night knowing you turned into a bigger criminal than you swore to protect citizens from.....


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