Saturday, August 11, 2012

Trey Hutchison: In remembrance

It has been eight years since Bossier City Police Officer Trey Hutchison was killed in the line of duty. I hope we never forget.

"A Police Officer's Prayer"
Lord, I ask for courage ~ 
Courage to face and conquer my own fears ...
Courage to take me where others will not go ...
I ask strength ~ Strength of body to protect others,
and strength of spirit to lead others ...
I ask for dedication ~Dedication to my job, to do it well,
Dedication to my community, to keep it safe ...
 Give me, Lord, concern for those who trust me,
and compassion for those who need me ...
And please, Lord, through it all,
be at my side ...


  1. God Bless your family.

  2. Hard to believe it's been eight years. Trey was a good guy.

  3. I miss Trey. He was one of the few BC police officers not touched by the cop-a-tude or corruption. He was on the level. May his family be blessed.

  4. I am glad to here Trey was on the level. I have
    worked with one Detective that was forced
    back to patrol, that I do not feel, wasn't praying
    the policeman's prayer. And if he took an oath
    he had his fingered crossed. Everywhere I go
    even as of yesterday, I saw a sticker with this
    Trey's name on it. My heart goes out to his
    family, and for the corrupt cop, I plan on getting him fired, and stop some of the corruption in Bossier city.

  5. Thank you for remembering. It's nice to know that those outside of law enforcement have not forgotten. And I know his family appreciates it.

  6. This is worth another thank you for your service, Officer Hutchison.


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