Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bossier School Board - Attention Deficit Disorder?

The first meeting of the Superintendent Application Screening Committee will be held next Tuesday. The idea of having a committee is to get input from the public, as the committee will have no say on actually screening the candidates.
It is just as well, because the people who have been picked for the committee, while fine individuals every one, are not likely to tell the Board anything it doesn’t want to hear. If the board wanted real input, they would have appointed at least one or two dissident voices to the committee.

The main question in most people’s minds is whether or not D. C. Machen should be the next superintendent. Machen has been the Assisitant Superintendent for Administration. It was under his watch that School Board Administration paid $291,266 to Ark-La-Tex Air Repair, Inc., for overcharges, replacement costs covered by warranties, installations that did not occur, and one missing unit.
It was on his watch that Administration may have violated the Public Bid Law for air conditioning purchases and installation totaling $254,598.
In addition, the School Board may have violated Public Bid Law through a $1,067,000 emergencymold remediation contract.
Also under his watch, School Board Maintenance Department employees authorized credit card transactionstotaling $1,833 with Ark-La-Tex Air Repair, Inc., for air conditioning duct cleaning andsanitizing and the replacement of a control board that did not occur.
One current School Board employee performed work and received $3,894 from a current vendor of the School Board in possible violation of Louisiana ethics laws. One former School Board employee may have violated Louisiana ethics laws by receiving $105,769 for services performed for the School Board within two years of the end ofhis employment. (Louisiana Legislative Auditor's full report)
Yet incredibly, despite all of this, several board members have already expressed their support for Machen as the new superintendent.
The fix is in.
We believe that the board is totally out of touch with public sentiment, and that they should consider all applicants equally, particulary those from out of the area. The good old boy network has so infiltrated our school system that it is almost impossible to break it up with anyone local.
Let your board member know what you think today by taking a moment to call or email them.
Your kids’ future is at stake.














  1. There will be an Audit & Security Committee meeting this Thursday the 30th at 4:30pm in Benton. The topic is "supposed" to be the LLA report and public input is "supposed" to be welcomed.

  2. I am sure M.T.(Truthsquadron) will be there to tell them all about the planks in everyone's eyes - but i am sure he will leave out why he was fired from a local car dealership and where he has been for the past couple of months in rehab - but what a wonderful guy to be pointing out that everyone is a theif but a thief and a liar - way to go - what a bunch of wasted air by all of you

  3. So Anon at 5:28, you think that it is perfectly okay that the assistant superintendent in charge of administration allowed bid laws to be broken, apparently had no oversight and allowed almost a million dollars to be stolen and did not enforce rules that were allegedly in place to keep the board in compliance with state accounting standards?
    In other words, if someone questions this they are 'full of wasted air'?
    What is your position at the school board?

  4. Anon5:28, you are a perfect example of why I am keeping up this fight for what is right and wrong. My daughter was at risk while the BPSB administration was on a common sense sabbatical and all you can do from the shadows is throw out personal attacks. Am I without faults, no. Are you, I seriously doubt it. The difference between you and me is I can stand up and admit my shortcomings, you on the other hand are a hider and a stone thrower.
    The Book that you tried to quote speaks of the speck in another persons eye. The plank is in the eye of the person doing the judging. Which one are you?

  5. good one truthsquadron - sound like ewe - i know i am a thief because i stole thousands from my employer and got fired and gambled all my money away and placed into jeopardy my wife and childs home and safety - but those times the school board did not make sure someone was fixing the ac right - man - that really screwed her up - what a loser - wonder who is paying you to do all of this - oh - i forgot - you are doing it because your child was in danger while the ac was being repaired

  6. The school board system is broken and should be replaced. Everyone should resign. I am moving my kids out of Bossier School System--I go to too much trouble to keep them safe to have felons running the halls. If you think the current leadership is OK, then you are probably on the payroll. No one in their right mind would condone the behavior of the last few years.

  7. Thank goodness for M.T. truth squadron he knows if you mess uo in a real job market you get fired but in the Bossier School System. Heck Bossier Parish Schools are the talk of the town with its stealing and talk about liars we dtill can not get the truth out of anyone yet. Close door mtgs to cover up the mess. At least he amits he has a problem and does hide it like some.............

  8. Really - i dont recall MT ever standing up in front of KTBS or a school board meeting admitting he had stolen from his job on two seperate occassions and gambling that money away - nor do i remember any statements by him to any media source stating he had just gotten out of rehab because he had stolen money and that was the only way he could keep from being prosecuted for felony theft - huh - i am sure he admitted it while he was calling everyone else a thief and a liar and calling for their resignation - must have missed those press conferences

  9. Whatever Mr. Tucker's personal problems are, it doesn't take away from the facts.
    If he was a public official, I might have a problem, if the things you are saying are true. As it is, he is a private citizen with kids in school and has the right to voice his opinion.
    This does not detract from the fact that Mr. Machen was in charge of administration for the school board when the $1,000,000 was stolen, bid laws were broken and the open meetings laws were violated.
    Attacking the messenger is sometimes an effective tactic, but in this case not so much.

  10. It is clear that the person who is attacking Truthsquadron personally is a member of the school board or closely affiliated with the school board. Whatever his personal problems are (and it is my understanding he has gotten/or is getting help for those problems) has nothing to do with the violation of Bossier Parish taxpayers' money and the fraud that was committed by the board and all involved. It's time taxpayers take a stand and stop all the divisiveness by throwing out nasty comments and attacking each other personally. That gets us nowhere!

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