Monday, April 6, 2009

Bossier School Board lacks vision

The Louisiana Legislative Auditor has announced that its audit of the Bossier Parish School Board will be delayed for another week.
There really is no rush: the board apparently has not implemented the recommendations of the last one, which was done seven years ago.
Had some of these procedures been put into place, it would have been much more difficult for employees to swindle nearly a million bucks from the board.
Meanwhile, the board is ‘searching’ for a new superintendent. A lot of people believe that the new super will be D. C. Machen, the assistant who was in charge of administration during the great swindle. Several school board members believe that he is just the man for the job.
The good old boy system that created this mess needs to be broken up, and this can only be done by hiring a superintendent from outside Bossier Parish. One school board member believes that Machen is the right choice because of his intimate knowledge of the system.
This is a specious argument when one considers the realities facing the board. This intimate knowledge of the system, and the people therein, is the very thing that should disqualify Mr. Machen.
I have very little confidence that the board will do the right thing in hiring a superintendent, just as I have little confidence that they will implement the recommendations of the new audit.
Sadly, their track record is just not good enough and does not inspire confidence.

Note: In case you don't read our comments section, I am including the first comment as it proves the point.
Jim, I spoke to Dan Daigle today, he is the LLA auditor that handled this audit, and a party named in the report asked for an additional week before it's release. The question will be, how is the original draft different than the final report?


  1. Jim, I spoke to Dan Daigle today, he is the LLA auditor that handled this audit, and a party named in the report asked for an additional week before it's release. The question will be, how is the original draft different than the final report?

  2. Final report is uglier than the draft. Open meeting laws broken, public bid laws broken, manufacture of work orders after invoices are received, it just goes on and on....and on, did I mention their legal representation?

  3. Bossier City as well as Bossier Parish has gotten it's well known reputation for safety as well as recently being voted the "best place to live and raise a family" from the strong roots this wonderful city and parish has formed over the years. It's people like you, Jim, that ruin our system. Sure, an outsider is just what we need here. Someone who knows nothing about the system. Why don't you apply?

  4. What ruins a system is what men do or don't do, and in this discussion the school system is a prime example based on commission and omission. Thanks to the courage of a few who are willing to speak based on fact and more facts as they are brought to the surface. The only shortcomings of this blog is that more people may not be reading it.

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