Monday, April 13, 2009

Legislative Auditor releases Bossier School Board audit

From the report:

The scope of our audit was significantly less than that required
by Government Auditing Standards; therefore, we are not offering an opinion on the School
Board’s financial statements or system of internal control nor assurance as to compliance with
laws and regulations.

Air Conditioners
The Bossier Parish School Board (School Board) Administration paid $291,266 to Ark-
La-Tex Air Repair, Inc., for overcharges, replacement costs covered by warranties, installations
that did not occur, and one missing unit.
On two occasions, the School Board Administration may have violated Public Bid Law
for air conditioning purchases and installation totaling $254,598.
Haughton Middle School
The School Board may have violated the Open Meetings Law by discussing the
Haughton Middle School roof and mold remediation contract during executive session. In
addition, the School Board may have violated Public Bid Law through a $1,067,000 emergency
mold remediation contract.
Credit Card Charges
School Board Maintenance Department employees authorized credit card transactions
totaling $1,833 with Ark-La-Tex Air Repair, Inc., for air conditioning duct cleaning and
sanitizing and the replacement of a control board that did not occur.
Scrap Metal Sales
The School Board Maintenance Department is missing $1,472 from the sale of scrap
metal and may have violated record retention laws through discarding records of scrap metal
sales and the subsequent purchases with the proceeds. In addition, the Maintenance Department
did not comply with Louisiana law when disposing surplus movable property.
One current School Board employee performed work and received $3,894 from a current
vendor of the School Board in possible violation of Louisiana ethics laws.
One former School Board employee may have violated Louisiana ethics laws by
receiving $105,769 for services performed for the School Board within two years of the end of
his employment.
Professional Services
A School Board attorney may have violated the Rules of Professional Conduct during the
time he performed services for the School Board. In addition, the School Board Administration
did not execute a signed contractual agreement with its external contracted attorneys.

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  1. Why is Don Crouch, the "former" office tech, who admitted to manufacturing work orders after the invoices for payment were received still on the payroll? Who was his superior that asked him to create work orders? What is his current job description? Isn't it hard to believe that current BPSB attorneys are the same as when all this disregard for state law was the norm? Violated public bid laws, violated open meeting law (what a shocker) and now their attorneys are deciding what is allowed in the minutes of an open board meeting, which is also a violation of state law. Does it ever end? Now the leading candidate to replace Kruithof is the asst super that oversees all these violations.

  2. OK, let me get this straight, D C Machen would rather tell KTBS that he thought vendors(read:air repair) paid for fish fry's and BBQ's which is against state law than take responsibility himself?

    Are these people as stupid as they act?

  3. ive read the letter by the attorney Patrick Jackson proclaiming himself of no wrong-doing. Im really curious, since he was approved by the school board, of who recommended him in the first place, and what is his special expertise in "contruction and renovation"? I mean for an attorney for the school board, wouldn't one of his primary duties be to make sure Ark-La-Tex Air Repair have a valid license number upon bid proposal? Im assuming his daddy Ricky Jackson, one of our local politicians (read: good ole boy network) got him in good with the school board. And us tax payers paid this clown over 200K for legal services? what a joke! i guess it was the Bossier Parish School Board stimulus package for Patrick Jackson and Arkla-Tex-Air Repair convict group. freaking unbelievable!

  4. do you know how many pounds of cookie dough my kids are going to have to sell to make up for these huge losses? I hope ya'll are ready to buy some cookie dough.

  5. no wonder that are having cookie dough pep rallies-- they need to get the kids pumped up to beat the pavement to sell cookies so they can continue to waste money and let felons walk the halls of the schools. Its time for a private school in Bossier. Do you know haw many laptops you can buy for 300-400 thousand dollars?

  6. Update: Apparently Don Crouch was allowed to retire last fall, around the time he was questioned during FBI investigation. He was obviously overworked from manufacturing bogus work orders so that vendors with criminal histories could get paid on time.

  7. Well, obviously the "inquisitor" is the leading news and investigative reporting gatherer in S'port/Bossier. The Times is so sad, they only can muster a synopsis of other people's writings.

  8. i dont think the times can afford to make any body mad is the problem, i mean besides crappy journalism

  9. To say that the Inquisitor is the leading investigative reporter is completely rediculous. The inquisitor is a tabloid and carries very little factual weight. Danny and his worthless smear paper is so politically motivated by his a-hole buddy Cecil Campbell

  10. Bossier City as well as Bossier Parish has gotten it's well known reputation for safety as well as recently being voted the "best place to live and raise a family" from the strong roots this wonderful city and parish has formed over the years. It's people like you, Jim, that ruin our system. Sure, an outsider is just what we need here. Someone who knows nothing about the system. Why don't you apply? Have you spoken with your school board member and voiced your opinion?
    Believe what you see, not what you hear.

  11. "It's people like you, Jim, that ruin our system."
    You're right, people who speak out and speak up to authority in Bossier Parish do ruin the "system" i.e. the 'good old boy' network.
    Yes, if kept up with the blog rather coming on to take pot-shots, you would know I have been in touch with my school board member.
    As far as the 'great reputation' that Bossier enjoys, a lot of that was ruined by the thieves who were employed and allowed to run unsupervised by the school system.

  12. Also Mr or Ms anonymous, your definition of "safety" is different from mine. When two convicted violent felons, still on parole, illegally contract work with a school board and bring a load of work release prisoners into our childrens schools to do the HVAC work. I don't find that to be very safe. To top it off, the X-BPSB attorney knew who and what was going on and didn't feel it was his place to alert the administration.
    I guess you're now going to tell us Machen would be the best man for the job? Why don't you learn the facts of this sad state of affairs and come back and tell us why the HMS roof is going to wind up costing 3 million, but the BPSB can't afford a turn lane at Curtis Elementary.

  13. What ruins a system is what men do or don't do, and in this discussion the school system is a prime example based on commission and omission. Thanks to the courage of a few who are willing to speak based on fact and more facts as they are brought to the surface. The only shortcomings of this blog is that more people may not be reading it.

  14. I can't keep up with all the anonymous posts, what are ya'll afraid of? Put donald duck if necessary, yes the last anon is correct. What is yet to be determined is the difference and who has committed or omitted. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to read this blog and the public comments from board members to realize they are clueless. Kostelka admitted he couldn't name who brought the indictment nor had he read it until 5 months after it's release. Then, and only then, he got a copy from a reporter that wanted to ask him questions about it. These are the same people who cost the BPSB 40K in the Bellevue swindle.

  15. What a mess somebody needs to go to jail. I want my tax refunded......

  16. I will not vote for any body on this board again.....Please agree with me....... They are just as guilty and we must hold them accountable......

  17. This is front page news.

  18. Don needs to be questioned by the police. Why hasn't they done this. A internal investigating needs to be conducted.

  19. Give me an "HONEST OUTSIDER" i am tired of those who know us stealing us blind. But you would have us turn a blind eye. Hey take for the home team. We are voted the BEST place well wake up fool you've smeared something over your eyes.


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