Saturday, April 4, 2009

Election Day for Bossier City offices

Today is the primary election for Bossier City offices. The only disputed positions are the District 5 seat where Dr. Rogers is retiring and 3 contenders are seeking the spot.
This is a 3 way race featuring Candidates Hannisee, Knight & Estess.
There are two at-large seats on the council, currently held by David Montgomery and Tim Larkin. Marsha McAllister jumped into the mix adding the only excitement to an otherwise bland election.
Mayor Lo Walker and the other councilmen have no opposition.
We will report the winners and/or runoff candidates tonight.


  1. Election result party at the candidate's, Marsha McAllister's, home - 524 Northpark Drive, Bossier City (Greenacres Place) tonight from 6:30 p.m. on!

  2. Thanks, Sam - again, good luck.


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