Sunday, April 26, 2009

Larry & Chubby fight to join Bubba on Bossier City Council

Larry Hannisee and “Chubby” Knight are facing off in the race for the District 5 Bossier City Council seat Saturday.
Knight has just come back to the area after retiring. He is reminding everyone of his Airline High School (class of ’67) roots to establish his bone fides as a Bossier City boy.
Larry Hannisee is running on his earlier record as a council member.
This one is hard to call; it would seem that Hannisee should have the advantage, but the primary numbers would call that into question.
One thing was pointed out to me by a friend. Bossier City already has a ‘Bubba’ on the council and if Knight is elected, will have a ‘Chubby’. Seems to me that, out of fairness, we should assign some other nicknames to even the playing field.
Tim ‘T-Bone’ Larkin and David ‘Deuce’ Montgomery are the two at-large members of the council.
Running unopposed in this election are Scott ‘Doodles’ Irwin, Jeff ‘Doc’ Darby, David ‘Smooth’ Jones and of course, Bubba himself, Don Williams.
Other elected officials are Mayor Lorenz ‘Lo’ Walker (we’ll leave that one alone), and City Marshal Johnny ‘Jawbone’ Wyatt.

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