Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Bossier makes the news

Carolyn Roy of Channel 12 (KSLA) covered the meet & greet and the forum for Bossier School Superintendent yesterday.
There is no video posted, but you can read the entire article on the KSLA website.
The story notes that one of the finalists acknowledged the elephant in the room:
"Although there were references to fiscal and ethical accountability, there was no direct mention of the federal corruption investigation into alleged kickbacks and no-bid contracts for air conditioning work for the Bossier Parish School District until Scott Smith raised the issue, calling it a "real public relations problem" that needs to addressed. His comments drew applause from members of the audience."
I was interviewed for the lead up to the coverage at 5 o'clock, and My Bossier was also mentioned in the online article:
"Not everyone is content with the steps the board has taken to arrive at the final three candidates. Longtime Bossier resident and blogger Jim Wells has watched the process closely, and with a healthy dose of cynicism. "My problem is the good old boy system is so entrenched in Bossier City, ordinarily I believe in promoting from within but in this case we need a clean sweep." "

The strength of My Bossier comes from the input of the people who read it and comment. We have a healthy range of opinions in our open comments section. I learn a lot from the people who participate and all of our readers gain perspective from the varied conversations. Keep on talking!

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