Monday, August 17, 2009

Bossier man charged with DWI threatens deputy

Len Archie Lott, 53, of Bossier City, was arrested Saturday night on charges of public intimidation, driving while intoxicated and failure to signal a lane change.

According to a news release, Lott was pulled over by Bossier Sheriff’s deputies after he changed lanes without signaling. After approaching Lott, deputies could smell alcohol on his breath. He then admitted to drinking three 24-ounce beers before getting behind the wheel.

Lott reportedly failed sobriety tests and had a .203 blood alcohol level.

While en route to the Bossier Maximum Security Facility, Lott told the arresting officer, “This is not over.” Lott continued by asking the deputy, “Do you know where your wife is?” He then made a noise like a shotgun blast, the news release states.

At the booking desk, Lott reportedly told the arresting officer that “This ain’t over with,” and he would see the deputy on Highway 80 again. Then, police reported the man ran his finger across his throat like he was cutting it.

The Times

Mr. Lott is no stranger to the Bossier Parish justice system.

  • 1994 – charged with aggravated assault & disturbing the peace. He received 90 days in jail for the assault & a $100 fine for disturbing the peace.
  • 1998 – possession of Marijua & possession of paraphernalia. $500 fine for marijuana, possession of paraphernalia nol prossed.
  • 1999 – unauthorized use of a movable, property damage and disturbing the peace. The first count was nol prossed, 6 months for the 2nd count, all but time served suspended, and 5 days in jail for count 3.
  • 2000 – simple battery and disturbing the peace (intoxicated). 30 days for the battery and 15 days for disturbing the peace.
  • 2001 – aggravated assault & criminal property damages. 120 days, all but time served suspended.
  • 2003 – All of the above charges were misdemeanors. On May 15, 2003 he was charged with aggravated battery, a felony. The charged involved threatening a woman with a pistol. Needless to say, the DA allowed him to plead down to a misdemeanor charge of simple battery, for which he got 120 days with credit for time served.

It will be interesting to see the bill of information on the current charges when it is filed. Will he be charged with a felony? Probably not. If he has no other DWI’s in a different jurisdiction, he will be charged with a misdemeanor 1st DWI. Failure to signal a lane change, who cares?

As far as threatening the deputy and the deputy’s wife, don’t expect much. The Bossier DA has a record of going very, very easy on people who attack or threaten police officers.


  1. "pleading down" people get arrested a lot of times for crimes that don't fit. for instance for the aggravated battery he would have to have actually hit the woman and not just threatened her ( and assualt) and for it to be aggravated assault he would have to actually discharge the firearm as a threat. Not saying the police aren't right to charge these people with whatever they can (like to see them stay in jail for awhile) but when it comes down to proving the crime- you have to have all the elements of the crime there, otherwise the judge (not a jury) must acquit, quash the bill, or say go to trial on the lesser charge. As for public intimidation, not only must you threaten the officer, it must be done with the intent to influence his official actions, "i'll kill you if you arrest me" is easy; just a threat because (probably) he's just pissed off after he's already arrested is tougher to get a felony on rather than a misdemeanor assualt. Every case has to be looked at independently- based on the totality of the circumstances was this guy threatening to try to influence the officer's actions or just a pissed off drunk (.203); hopefully a judge would let his priors in to show his tendency towards violence and help the da with the case, but who knows until you have studied all the details.

  2. You forgot to mention he was a deadbeat dad in 2004. Didn't appear, contempt of court and the whole nine yards. Judge McGaha let him go for $350 when he was in arrears $16K.

  3. You're right, I did leave out two charges on child support.

  4. Maybe a prudent judge would sentence him to 40 hours of community service at Robert Adley's house - that is worse than 10 years in prison - he could listen to adley brag about how he is responsible for everything good in the state and how important he is - i think that would be like drinking drano

  5. Of course he would leave out the child support out because it has nothing to do about how bad he feels the Bossier Parish DA is.

  6. Actually, I don't think that the Bossier DA is that bad. I do think that too many charges that should have been prosecuted have been nol-prossed because of lax supervision combined with the good old boy network.
    That being said, this DA is doing a number of things right.

  7. Name a few, would you?

  8. i think marvin is doing an excellent job. my wife was on jury duty a few months ago and marvin personally prosecuted the case. she said he was very professional and prepared.

  9. you could triple any da's budget and they still would have to plea bargain. I, for one, do not like it but the alternative is to have a pool of jurors (who are always comprised of you and me, people who are registered to vote, live on the grid, and will show up and take a matter seriously) up at the courthouse every week of the year. while we are there who will work to pay the taxes necessary to pay for all of that? the sad fact of our society is that, even in relatively law abiding counties, we have too many people committing too many crimes to be able to try every one. defense attorneys know this so they hold out for a deal. da's know this so they plead cases they don't think are as serious. they could keep the crooks in jail or waiting for trials until they got to them, but they take advantage of speedy trials laws and other stuff such as that.

  10. Some plea bargains are necessary and probably serve justice. Others do not.


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