Monday, August 31, 2009

City of Shreveport Inspectors, Contractors arrested

Contractors James Hayward Lester, Alphonso Williams, Santana Brown and James Alex III were arrested this morning for fraud in their dealings with the Shreveport Community Development Office. The office channels millions of dollars of federal funding to the elderly and sick poor in the area.
Sheriff Steve Prator, who is in a press conference with DA Charles Rex Scott as we are writing this, said that HUD inspectors are en route to Shreveport from Jackson and should arrive at 3:30 today.
City Inspectors Community Development Office inspectors Jackie Mandigo, Daniel Lacour and Ray Jones were also arrested.
The sheriff also refused to comment when asked if the investigation was spurred by Caddo District Judge Ramon Lafitte ordering Williams, along with Shreveport City Councilman Calvin Lester, to pay $47,900 in damages to the owner of a rock crushing business.
Prator said that the investigation only reached into 1 rehabilitation program at the agency.


  1. Good job reporting this. Good job Sheriff Prator. Now i wander how much the investigation and prosecution will cost the taxpayer?

  2. It won't be cheap - and what they have found so far is only the tip of the iceberg, according to Sheriff Prator.

  3. Ok, I am not saavy on this stuff, do you see this going higher than the local level? I ask mainly because I don't keep up with the politics over that way since I don't live in the area.

  4. I think it's limited to Shreveport, but I would not be surprised to see more arrests at a higher level in the city.

  5. Ok, let me see if I get it right? One Lester arrested, one resigned and one still on the city council? Are they related?

  6. There are so many people Involved with this it goes so deep j to the code enforcement disivion...this is pathetic to hear the city of Shreveport would render families homeless...sad Mrs Farnell..


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