Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pills, prostitutes and the po-po a bad combination

Worst judgment of the week

  • Pamela Ann Pierce of Haughton was arrested Tuesday for possession of methamphetamine. She was stopped for failure to signal and gave deputies permission to search her vehicle, where they found drugs and a smoking device. She admitted to using meth two weeks previously. She is settling into her new digs at Bossier Max.
  • Craig Pierotti of Elm Grove was stopped for an expired inspection sticker. During a search of his vehicle, deputies found 5 lortabs.

Why are deputies searching vehicles that were stopped for failure to signal and expired inspection sticker?

Why do people with drugs on them drive with an expired inspection sticker or fail to signal when a police officer is watching them?

Where my change, ho?

  • This lovely pair, Margaret Ann Turks, 55, and John Arther Webb, 59, both of Plain Dealing, were arrested after an altercation. It seems that Turks had provided sex to Webb for $20 and beer. When Turks did not give Webb $30 change from a $50 bill, he hid her purse. She called 911. Yes, she called 911. They were charged with prostitution, theft and disturbing the peace-drunk and given lodging at Bossier Max.

Dirty old Man must believe that love hurts

  • Caddo Parish school teacher Richard M. Forcht was arrested Saturday at the Louisiana Boardwalk. Bossier City police officers approached Forcht after watching him stare at underage girls and following them, according to a news release.

Officers said they smelled alcohol on Forcht's breath and body, and they noticed that his speech was slurred.

Officers at the Bossier City jail found two Lortab tablets and two Viagra tablets on him. Forcht was charged with possession of a schedule II controlled dangerous substance and prohibited acts.

Nasty Bastard is My Bossier's scumbag of the week

  • This Nasty Bastard spit on a paramedic who had just treated him. Needless to say, he is My Bossier’s Scumbag of the Week.


  1. Turk and Webb reminds me of the story I heard one time of the guy that called police because someone stole his cocaine. Paul Harvey told about someone standing before the judge and he said, "he didn't understand how they caught him, his friend told him that if he rubbed lemon juice on his face the cameras couldn't see him.

  2. That's funny! I miss Paul Harvey.

  3. Oh gosh, you are so funny! You are doing "My Bossier's Scumbag Of The Week" now? I have to admit; I love it! :)

  4. Sam, I just had to give Nasty Bastard one more hit. Spitting on someone is the worst thing I can think of, I have a thing about it!

  5. It really is! That and biting someone....when I was a teacher, I had a student bite another student. Supposedly, she hadn't taken her meds that morning. All I know is, it made me run to enroll in law school!! First year was much easier than dealing with 13 year olds!


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