Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wiley Willis: Officer fired in Garbarino incident reinstated

Wiley Willis, the Shreveport police officer who was fired for allegedly mistreating Angie Garbarino, has been reinstated by the Police Civil Service Board.
Willis was fired by Chief Whitehorn because of the incident. The city later settled with Garbarino for $400,000.
Willis, represented by Eron Brainard, claimed at his hearing that his rights had been violated. The board ruled in his favor.
He said that he is in the process of deciding if he will return to the police department.
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  1. Good for him. Didn't they change the "procedure" after he was fired so they have to leave the camera on now?

  2. Looks like Foghorn jumped the gun in firing Willis. Everyone knows he doesn't back his people.

  3. Come on, he beat the crap out of her. If that was your sister or mother what would you say.

  4. Great! I think if someone is drunk enough to get the attention of the popos, they probably could use a good beating. If someone is caught driving drunk and it can be proven, then I think the police should be able to do whatever the hell they want to them. Drunks are usually obnoxious assholes; the fun drunks usually don't go out and mess with people. Before anyone bitches about civil liberties, I am a strong supporter of the ACLU who just lost a friend to a drunk driver. I have nothing against drinking, just don't care for people who inflict it on others.

  5. Filed under "If you're not COP, you're little people"

    Sincerely wish the country would put the lid back on this "Stinking Crock of Cops".

    Unh Huh

  6. Just another "above the law" pig cop. Nobody needs to use that kind of force to contain a handcuffed woman. That is unless you're a spineless bitch. I would love to be locked up in a room with his ass. Classic case of cops protecting cops. What would he have to do to be arrested? I guess if he raped her the department would say she just fell on that too.

  7. hey DW fuck you! That stupid pig needs to be put down! i'm talkin roasted bacon, if I were to get ahold of him he would be torchered for the rest of his life for what he did to that poor lady, i dont give a fuck if she was drunk or not, he has no right to literally beat her to a bloody pulp no matter what, and if you think cops should b able to do what they want to them, then you can goto hell with them


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