Friday, May 13, 2011

Blog is back up and running

Google Blogger, the blogging platform I use for My Bossier, was down for about 24 hours - you could read only, I couldn't blog and you couldn't comment.  The only thing I'm missing right now are two comments from the latest blog post, hoping they will be restored.
I've been with Blogger since the beginning in 2007 and have never had a problem.  They are in the middle of an upgrade and had to do some maintenance and ran into problems.
Sorry for the interruption.

1 comment:

  1. The Bossier Parish Schol Board is out druming up support for the so called tax renewals in May. First let me say they are not renewals but tax increases. The school board has made it very clear that they intent to roll all the current millages up to the maximum. Second they are going around trying to scare people by talking about gunmen coming into the schools, how technology will suffer and drastic cuts will have to be made if the renewals fail. It seems to me that with the parish growing at the rate they claim and the new housing starts that the base collections should have been going up. Next the school board fails to recognize that this country is in the greatest recession since they great depression. We have unemployment 8% plus, the cost of gasoline, food and utilities continues to rise while salarys have pretty much remained the same. This is not mention the increasing cost of health care. It is time the school board is told you must live within your means as the rest of the world has to.


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