Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day


  1. Hi Jim! Happy Mother's Day!!!

    Just a couple of things...

    I really enjoyed the video (two of my favorite artists), but I noticed that ALL the babies and Moms in the video are white. I'm not saying you're a raaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist or anything, but I just noticed it. Regardless, I enjoyed the song. It was nice.

    The second thing is that (and you may already know this) when you click in to comment from The GoobleReader, you get this:

    "Seja o primeiro a comentar"

    I'm assuming that that means "Be the first to comment" in the wetback language. But, the Gooble Translate says that's wrong, too. It should be "ser el primero en comentar".

    I just figured you'd want to know that you are definitely politically incorrect by having the hispanic language spelled wrong on your commenting link in. I mean, it's like you've got something against greasers or something.

    I mean...that really is kind of rude, and all. Regardless, all the little white babies in the video (with no minorities represented) were really cute.

    I just figured that Mother's Day would be a fine day to bring this all to your attention.

    Don't bother to thank me.

  2. Good point. It's a template that was made by someone in South America and I was able to 'Americanize' everything but that. I'm proud to be multi-cultural.

  3. Gotta love Andy! Nice video!

  4. Everybody loves Andy . . .

  5. Now my head's getting swole. But, you're right. It's really quite humbling.


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