Monday, May 23, 2011

Candidate Forum: Parker Ward for Caddo Commissioner

I am running for Caddo Parish Commissioner in district 11. I am a Conservative Republican who believes in limited government and less taxes.
I believe I can unseat the current Commissioner and I believe I am the only person qualified and have the name recognition to make a successful run to unseat the current Commissioner. For too long he has neglected the Keithville/Springridge part of his district. He focuses most of his time in the Shreveport part of his district. I believe, we should focus all of our attention on the entire district.
I am running on a platform of freshness and something different. We need a real plan for real people to put Caddo Parish first. My plan is simple
-          Better roads that are built right
-          Work with all local law enforcement to decrease crime in the Parish
-          Bring Business to Caddo Parish by cutting the ad valorem property tax. During this bad economy, we need to get off the backs of our businesses which creates jobs for the citizens.
-          Lastly audit every single program and department being funded by the Parish Commission and once every 6 months hold several town hall meetings to show the taxpayers where their money is going.
My plan is real open transparency. We also need a Commissioner to be a positive influence in the community and who is free to represent the people.  I am also endorsed by Young Conservatives  (  


  1. I wish you have an admirable approach...I know you realize you cannot do all of these needs by yourself, but the constituents will know you are striving for what is badly needed in every public service best to you!!!!

  2. I wish you luck ad well. My question is because you are so young, what makes you more qualified than anyone else? Instead of saying your more qualified, I would tell people the steps you have taken to prepare yourself for the job for which you seek.

  3. you're young! you're talented! for the love of god, quit politics now and do something useful with your life!

  4. My question is, you say you are a Conservative Republican in this piece?

    When you ran for mayor, you considered every party except for the Republican party,

    Also, you looked to run for City Council and State Representative and just could not make up your mind.

    Then of all things, after you lost, all of Shreveport saw you on the stage at Cedric Glover's victory party, heavily cheering for a Liberal Democrat.

  5. oongrats on endorsing yourself LOL


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