Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Candidate Forum: Barrow Peacock for State Senate

Republican businessman BARROW PEACOCK today announced he would be a candidate for the Louisiana Senate, District 37.
Peacock, 41, is a partner in BHB Properties, a Shreveport investment and real estate firm. He holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and B. A. in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University. A licensed Certified Internal Auditor, Peacock is a Louisiana Notary Public, and holds a Louisiana real estate license.
"For too long Louisiana has taxed too much and spent too much. Louisiana hasn't grown, the government has," Peacock said.
He supports term limits, will oppose new taxes, supports limiting the size of government, seeks to promote conservative values in Louisiana, would oppose any attempt to bring back the Stelly Tax, and would work to create a "Job Friendly" Louisiana.
Peacock serves as an elected member of the Louisiana State Republican Central Committee. He serves on the Board of Directors of Christus Schumpert Health Foundation, the Board of Directors of Louisiana Association for the Blind, and the Board of Directors of the Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest Louisiana, on which he serves also as Finance Chairman. He is a member of the National Rifle Association, the Shreveport Rotary Club, a holder of a Louisiana Concealed Handgun permit, and serves as an Auxiliary
Deputy Sheriff in Caddo Parish.
He is married to the former Melanie Fuller and they are the parents of three sons. They are members of First Methodist Church.
The election is scheduled for October 22.


  1. Who are the Democrats thinking of putting up?

  2. I know Barrow and his family personally - excellent man and family. I do not think he will win, and believe Rep. Smith is the best "man" for the job. Her relationship with the Governor is enough to make that statement. We would be honored to have either of them serve - but I beleive Rep. Smith will win and will be able to do the most for this region and for Louisiana. Nothing against Barrow however as he is an excellent person and is well healed (as a result - would only be beholding to the voters and not personal interests)

  3. James H - I don't know, Keith Hightower's name came up but he said he's not interested.

  4. Jane was superintendent-- school system went broke
    Then spent 12 years as legislator-- we are 2 billion in hole.

    She did nothing to stop either.

    She does not protect landowners/mineral owners and always sides with big government.

    If Barrow does not win, then please remember that in politics the best indicator of future behavior is PAST behavior. Jane runs deficits, Barrow runs a business.

  5. why would Jane stop deficit spending or curb retirement system, when she is drawing a very large retirement from her years of service to the Bossier Parish School board. She is like one of those CEO's that runs a company into the ground, BUT still gets a retirement check each month.

  6. Jim,
    Why haven't you wrote an article about Jane Smith, Jimmy Hall and Tim Larkin's involvement in the 3132 development?

  7. 1st Timothy 2:12 "But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. 13For Adam was first formed, then Eve. 14And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression"

    Jane Smith has no place in the Senate. Women aspire to be leaders of men. How absurd!

  8. Oh, I really like Barrow, he is the real deal. He would be the most refreshing breath of fresh air we have seen in a long time and much needed. You are right, Her relationship would make a statement !! Everybody has got to wake up, study your candidate, dig deeper and then vote with your Heart! Barrow is the last of a dying breed, a Great American that genuinely cares and will make a positive difference. No, I am not kin, I met Barrow for a few short minutes in a previous campaign and he had that John Wayne or Mr. Smith goes to Washington air about him, you know the impressive character that just makes you smile and wish him well! I am going to Pray that if he is indeed the character person I think he is then I am going to ask God to please help him, cause he will be working for him too!

  9. May 30 6:55 has my attention!! I will LOOK into it-

  10. Life before Bossier City?

  11. Good Luck Barrow, you will make us proud!!

  12. I, along with many others in Haughton, LA, am very concerned about Jane Smith supposedly being "for the people of LA". When she was principal at HHS, she gave my cousin, 16 yrs at the time, the option to quit school. She notified my mother (my cousin's guardian) AFTER giving him the option to quit. It should be obvious but needless to say, my mother couldn't make him stay in school after that. I found many people that came forward and said she did the same to them. If you were a "problem," you were sent away. I would love for someone to look more into her past and show what she has done to stand up for all of us, not just some specific people.

  13. I did some work for Mr. Peacock on several occasions and think he will make a good candidate for District37.He's honest,down to earth and a family man.I believe we need someone with fresh and new ideas to lead our state.Good luck Mr. Peacock!!

  14. As a registered voter here in Bossier City, I've received a number of campaign mailers from many candidates. Among those are 3 or 4 from Jane Smith. In one, she touts her support for the film industry, promoting "JOBS" for this area. The ironic thing is that it, along with every other mailer I've received from her campaign, was printed and mailed from Austin, Texas. That's money (and jobs) that could have easily been directed to this area.

    She's not alone in this. Every mail piece I've received from Jeff Thompson's campaign is also produced by Thomas Graphics in Austin. How can candidates say they look out for our best interests when they obviously don't support area businesses?

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  16. I did not consider voting him. Period. No more questions on it.

    Louisiana Real Estate CE


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