Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sweet Thang

One more and then I’ll stop. Really.
Our blog friend ‘Alex’ mentioned Nat Stuckey in a comment on the last blog post.
Nat Stuckey was born over in Cass County, Texas in 1933. He earned a degree in radio and television from Arlington State College.
His first job was with KALT in Atlanta, Texas, in his home county of Cass.
He then moved to KWKH, and also became a member of the Louisiana Hayride. He wrote several hit songs, including co-writing ‘Waitin’ in your Welfare Line’ with Buck Owens. He then wrote and recorded ‘Sweet Thang’ on Paula Records, a local label. Jim Ed Brown recorded his song ‘Pop A Top’. He went on to record jingles, both nationally and regionally. He also operated a talent booking agency in Nashville.
Shortly before his death in 1988, Randy Travis released "Diggin’ Up Bones" which Stuckey co-wrote.


  1. Ok..One more..I met Nat several times..I knew the gal that worked as secretary to the owner of Paula Records. Forget her name. I think a guy named Stan Lewis was the record label owner.Nat was a nice low key guy in person. Quite likeable. (Boy..that was a long time ago...)

  2. Yep, Stan Lewis owned Stan's Record Shop on Texas Street, our go-to place for records.

  3. Wow...I haven't heard Nat Stuckey's name in years. My father owned quite a few of his albums, and as a kid, I always wondered who the heck Nat Stuckey was.


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