Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mother of five year old Celeste Lowe files suit

Jamie Mercer, the mother of five year old Anna Celeste Lowe, who was taken to WK Pierremont last January two hours after she had died, filed suit for damages Tuesday in Bossier District Court. The suit names as defendants:

Wesley Lowe (Father of the child)
Catherine “Cat” Lowe (Step-mother of the child)
State of Louisiana, Department of Children and Family Services
Tameika Monday (Employee of Children & Family Services)
Larry C Deen (Sheriff of Bossier Parish)
Debra McKay (Detective)
Buddy Caldwell (State Attorney General)
Louisiana Office of Risk Management
Mercer's suit alleges that the Department of Children and Family Services placed Anna Celeste into the custody of her father and step-mother without investigating Lowe and his background, and if they had done so would not have placed the child with him based on their own criteria. It further alleges that the Department did not conduct a home inspection or evaluation of any sort.
The suit says that on December 9, 2010, a teacher reported suspected abuse of Anna Celeste to the Sheriff’s Office. Detective McKay spoke to Wesley Lowe, in whose custody Anna Celeste was at the time, and with someone with the Department of Children and Family Services. Both Lowe and the Department blamed Jamie Mercer. Detective McKay did not contact Mercer. Mercer says that if she had been contacted, she could have told the detective that she had not seen Anna Celeste since October 30, over five weeks prior to the teacher’s report.
Mercer is being represented by Attorney Charles L. Kincade of Monroe.
Catherine Lowe was charged with 2nd Degree Murder by DA Schuyler Marvin. She was due to go to trial on February 13, but on January 6 her attorney, Randal Fish, was granted a continuance until May 21. The case is being heard by Judge Bolin.
Wesley Lowe has been charged with Negligent Homicide and trial is set for February 13.


  1. I think this is awful. There are so many children out there being abused and nothing happens until the child has lots his/her life. I couldnt tell you how many times someone has reported an abuse and nothing has been done about bc that moment in time, it seems that the child is fine but in the long run, the child ends up dead. I have gone to Minden Police Dept and reported someone for abusing their step child for 8 years with proof and it was swept under the rug because Mr Schuyler Marvin stepped in to help his client. Schuyler covered it up and in return the child was never helped but instead was scared to come forward. I would be outraged.

  2. We have already seen it demonstrated in Living Color how that Marvin makes sure that his friends do not experience the consequences of their crimes, and the victims be damned. I sure hope there is a housecleaning at the next election, but it didn't happen at the just past election with the co-horts and cronies still there. I look forward to retirement so that I can relocate, and I hope I can find a place where the government is not so rotten to the core.

  3. You said it! Dean is gone, but is being replaced by another good ol boy. It will be the same when Marvin is run off, a good ol boy will take his place too! It never ends.....

  4. DCFS, formally OCS needs to scraped. Cant our legal system make enough money off of the other crimes that are commited,instead of our innocent children. Our Judges, that hear Child Custody Cases or anything involving a child need to be Appointed and not elected. Appointed by a panel of people, male and female, maybe some of the DCFS workers.They need to be screened, carefully before they are appointed. No child should be isolated or alienated from either of the two parents, which is child abuse.The Courts should not be allowed to make money off of an innocent (borrowed from GOD) (CHILD). There are too many (Good Parents) that are found in Contempt,tacked with fines, fee's, back child support, and most of all Alienated unless they pay to see there own child. People the Laws need to change in this State and accross the Country.

  5. Thank you Teacher for coming forward and reporting the abuse of Anna Celeste to the authorities!! I commend you!! More people need to write their Congressman, the U.S. Attorney General in your District of the State. and Senators of this State, about Changing the Laws.I do not mean email's either.

    US Attorney Jim Letten 500 Poydras St New Orleans, La 70130, for South Louisiana

    US Attorney Donald Cazayou 777 Florida Street Baton Rouge, La 70801 for Central Louisiana

    US Attorney North and Western District 300 Fannin St. Suite 3201 Shreveport,La. 71101.
    Don't forget our two Senators in Washington, who suppose to help change the laws in this State. Mary Landreu and John Fleming.

  6. You can email Mary Landrieu> Louisiana Senator at

  7. March 22, 2012
    Re: A potential client , regarding, child endangerment, violation of human rights of a child.
    Dear Children Advocates and Attorneys;
    My name is Natalie Didier, today I am 54 years ld with four children, Elizabeth being the youngest, age 8 years now. I lost physical custody of my daughter in July of 08, when a Bossier Parish Sheriffs Deputy came to my home on Sullivan St, along with another women deputy, in a squad car. The male deputy, came to my door that morning about 9:00 to 10:00 am, knocking rather loudly. When I opened my door . The apologetic deputy, gave me his business card, with his name on the front Netherland and his captains name written on the back David Miller. He apologized because he had to take possession of my then , age four (4) daughter Elizabeth. I told him I wanted to see the order’s he gave me the front yellow sheet signed by Judge, Hand, a Judge that retired a few months later, the same Judge whom was signing anything the Hearing Officer Carl Hansen, put before him concerning the welfare of my daughter Elizabeth, the case was being heard in the 24th Judicial District in Jefferson Parish Louisiana. Mr. Netherland ( the serving deputy) told me I could maybe get some help from his Captain David Miller. Elizabeth in the meantime was taken, from the house in her underwear and t shirt, by the women deputy , to the running squad car parked in my driveway. Elizabeth was very frightened and upset, crying. I asked my age 15, at the time, Matthew to bring his sister her shoes and pants. Netherland intercepted the shoes and pants, and said he would bring them himself. I asked where he (Netherland) was taking her (Elizabeth), his response was to OCS,(Office of Community Services) but now changed names to DCFS. As the Sheriffs Office left with my daughter, Elizabeth , me and my son Matthew, hugged and were crying with my son saying to me
    “Mama we will get her back”. Well one of the reasons I am writing to you is because Elizabeth has not been back to us as a family member since July 13,2008.
    Now almost four years later, thirty five thousand dollars, on attorney fees, a mere price to pay for my beautiful daughter Elizabeth’s return. I her mother, whom has had full custody since Elizabeth Didier’s premature birth on 1/6/04,has maintained full custody of my daughter up until that dreadful day. The only thing I have to look forward to month to month is a supervised visit with my daughter, where I pay a court appointed supervisor $130.00 per hour, to visit with my beautiful daughter, in a 10x10 office.
    My two sons, Andy (34) Matthew now (19) were the first in Louisiana to file a Sibling Lawsuit to visit their sister Elizabeth. The lawsuit #676-696 opened in 2009. After fines and penalties paid to the 24th Judicial District, Louisiana., Elizabeth’s two brothers dismissed there lawsuit without prejudice in Jan. of 2011.
    Myself and her three other siblings can only watch Elizabeth, mental and physical health deteriorate, as time goes on, while we attend the supervised court appointed visits. Elizabeth wanted me to take her back home with me for the first two years, but now her captor (her father and his parents, with whom they both live with).has Elizabeth fearful of everything, including the police. We(myself and siblings) have watched Elizabeth go from anorexic looking in January of 2011 to in June 2011 to Obese. Elizabeth’s medical records in the past years, show numerous trips to the doctor, for rashes in her private area, to numerous upper respiratory infections, with her father just passing it off as allergies, even though , Elizabeth’s grandfather in which her father, and her live with, has told me he tested positive for TB, and was a carrier, Elizabeth’s father , just stays in the state of denial, saying it was allergies, just what he claims he has. In the almost four years, Elizabeth was going to a private catholic school,

  8. What about the Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution? Why was Anna Celeste a victim of Procedural Abuse? Why was her mother Ms Mercer a victim of Procedural Abuse, How come Due Process did not take place? How come the Bill of Rights for the State of Louisiana were not upheld???

  9. I need your ideas about this case, Your identity will not be known.
    Think out of the box for a minute, and for what they didn't touch on deeply in law school. Civil rights. Everyone knows you can't sue an organization such as the lower courts, judges, etc, as an organization. Here is a small summary of truthful facts about this woman and her daughter.
    -Mother raised child from birth to 4 years. No real legal action involved.
    -Father comes in with erroneous plans to prove the mother unfit, using series of address changes etc., and past relationships dating back long before the child's birth.
    -FACT Mother has no criminal history whatsoever, no drug problems, no fraudulent check writing charges, in fact, mother has never been arrested in her life, to date, at 54 years old.
    -The case is still ongoing and in limbo, to the father's benefit. The techniques that were used in this case were technicalities, civil procedure abuse, wear your opponent down, drain their pocket.
    -Mother's ONLY mistake was trying to prevent losing custody by entering into a consent judgement co-custodial. Shortly after, child was able to start voicing her own opinion at the age of 5, sexual abuse allegations started coming to light and acting out upon spending a week at father's house. They include very disturbing and graphic acts and statements.
    -Mother panics and flees on her visit time to different part of the same state and attempts to have her evaluated by an advocacy center. Right before the appointment is met, a civil warrant is served and child is picked up from mother. Mother remains with supervised visits mentioned in other emails, ongoing.
    -Whatever was filed or anything else from the courts, mother is not aware. Whatever Mother files in the court, as usual, is treated with procedural romper room. There are no grounds to strip a 14th Amendment away from a parent. There are no statute of limitations on the fundamental right to be a parent, unless of course, the child is of mature age. And in this case, the child is now 8.
    -The mother's oldest sons initiated one of the first sibling visitation lawsuits under Article 136 because they were excluded from visiting and seeing their sister the way they did for the first four years. The suit lasted a year and a half, and the same procedural romper room was present in that case as well. Under the 14th Amendment, 1st Amendment,and a few others, I believe the mother has a very good case against not the state or parish, but the individuals personally responsible for restricting, deterring, stripping, and obstructing this woman's constitutional right, the fundamental right of parenting. There is a paper trail a mile wide of procedural abuse and favoritism toward the father, in both cases. The mother's open case started back in 2005 through the present. Her case # has 1,200 pages, five (5) volumes to the case. She does not know where to start.

    So where you help is needed is as follows: Where does the mother start to pursue her civil rights lawsuit, and through what court? Against named individuals, who participated. As far as you getting in trouble with the bar, unless you work for the mafia, you don't get in trouble unless you charge money without a bar license. A brother can represent a sister, with no knowledge of the law, with the sister's consent, in the state the mother is in. So think outside of the box. Mother wants no more to do with the civil procedure abuse end and a change of venue from one county or parish to another would be laughed upon. Outside the box means no more participation in the limbo court case, but rather sue for damages and child endangerment. What law school would refer to in a negative manner. Break conformity, circumvent the entire order of procedure of abuse with a lawsuit for abuse itself.

  10. Basically you were saying to sue OCS or DCFS(new name) in the lower part of the state. Someone had to second the motion of a Civil Order signed by that retired judge,to have the little girl removed from the mothers home back in July of 08. I should not give so much " credit" to the father with his "Quid Pro Quo".
    When the little girl was taken from the mother back in the morning hours in July with a Civil Order, the mother asked the local sheriff's deputy, who was also a Process Server in that area, where he was taking her daughter. He apologized and said that these judges and lawyers can cost a fortune, to win Custody Battles.He gave her a card with his Captain name and # on the back of it, told her that he may be able to help her. He then told the mother he was taking her daughter to OCS. The mother was living in Bossier City at that time, and the child went directley to the father, down to south Louisiana.
    Maybe there should be a totally different approach the mother should take?

  11. How did the little girl die? What was the cause of death?

  12. This women is not telling the whole story.there is so much that she left out.She is a EVIL Person.Thank God the father has her.

  13. Jamie Mercer you in my prayers. The system failed you And your sweet little girl. I hope you find justice for yourself and for your daughter. An investigation should be very thourogh. not just ONE sided . ALL the facts from both sides should be considered with ALL the facts. Alot of people make claims and abuse the system to thier advantage, they manipulate it. I would think that Detectives epecially " if thier interested in the truth could see thru this.
    Praying for justice for You and Your daughter.

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