Sunday, November 11, 2012

Make your own endorsement for Judge

Here's an idea. Instead of anonymous sniping in the comments section of the blog, why don't you write an endorsement for your candidate?
Write it up explaining why you think your candidate for judge is the best choice. Of course, you have to include your name.
Email it to and I will publish it as a blog post.
Speak out folks!
This is an important office and an important election and I think it would be interesting to have the opinions of ordinary citizens out there along with the elected officials and newspapers who endorse.

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    Darlene said...
    Ok here it goes!!!! I personally know them both. I was Whit's secretary during the time of his suspension, so (I guess you would call me the incompent staff)lol. Come on whit take responsibility for your own actions. If you people would go to the link on the Supprem Court web sight and read the facts for your self you will see it was not the fact that he didn't file the brief in a timely manner nor the fact that his so called incompent staff didn't tell him time and time again about the deadlines that he ignored over and over but the ball face lie he told in open court that he had the documents and was going to file them with the clerk as soon as the hearing was over! (Another lie) didn't file again. You know this is not the first time whit has blamed his incompent staff ( ME) for this, but I took it the first time because yes he was my boss/friend but NOT NOW ! With friends like that who needs enemy's. As far as Mike Nerren I was his secretary also he never missed a date on filling a brief. He NEVER put the blame on anyone for anything no matter what. And as far as whit helping the martins with their child getting into the Shriners that's what he is suppose to do HE'S A SHRINER. I know personally the little boy that had to have heart surgery at 9 days old that Mike helped get his father to ACH because the hospital would only fly baby and mother which mother still recovering from surgery because that was my grandson and thanks to him we were able to be there for his surgery. I would not expect anything different from eighter one of them. Go and read for yourself the link then you will know who the one with honesty and integrity. MIKE NERREN has mine and my family's VOTE!
    Everyone makes mistakes take responsibility for them..

    November 14, 2012 10:32 AM


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