Thursday, November 15, 2012

Roger Baten endorses Mike Nerren

When you are in trouble and you stand before the Judge your one hope is that he will be honest, fair and compassionate. No one exhibits those qualities any better than Mike Nerren. As a young man he excelled at whatever he did whether it be academics or sports. Mike was the consummate teammate. In College he was selected outstanding student of his graduating class and in Law School he excelled. He has spent his career helping others from his many years as a Little League And Youth Baseball coach, to his years working with troubled youth. He has practiced and excelled in all phases of Law, Criminal, Civil, Prosecutor, and Defense. He lives in Benton but his roots go deep into the red clay of Webster Parrish Two Great Grand Fathers a Grand Father and their wives are buried there and relatives to numerous to count live and work there . To me the choice is simple, when you can put a man on the bench you know you can trust why hesitate go to the Polls on Dec 8th and elect Mike Nerren.
- Roger Baten

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  1. Great Endorsement Mr Baten.

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  3. You want to clear things up? See what has been REALLY been going on? SEE who is REALLY backing this...would say SHOCKING at BEST but its nothing I already did not know. Just like my mother always said...BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER!
    Watch for yourself


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