Friday, December 26, 2008

Alexandria 'Blog War' brings response from Mayor Roy

A ‘blog war’ of sorts has developed in Alexandria between two blogs that I read regularly, CenLamar and Central La. Politics. Both are linked on our sidebar.

It started when Greg Aymond at Central La. Politics published the following blog post THE "NIGGA" STREET THUGS OF ALEXANDRIA in which he said:

· Do not be mislead for one minute. we the citizens of Alexandria are not being preyed upon by a new criminal conspiracy. It is a group of "Nigga Thugs" who have nothing more in mind than an opportunity for corruption based on race.

Lamar White at CenLamar responded with this: Greg Aymond Needs to Apologize

· Unfortunately, grenades can still inflict a lot of collateral damage and confusion, and in Mr. Aymond’s case, they can obviously exacerbate racial tensions. But they’re only destructive, not constructive. Your words, on this issue, have been destructive. Be a man. Apologize.

Mr. Aymond responded in the comment section of CenLamar with this statement:

· You are correct in that I feel I have nothing to appologize for. It will be a cold day in Hell before I appologize for calling a politician, Black or White, a crook for being crooked. I pitty you White applogist that tolerate crooks of an race.

He then posted on his Central La. Politics:

· Lamar White, Jr., a member of the Mayor's administration, came out in support of homosexual rights, as did his hero Barack Obama, in his post entitled Unelectability. Then, this weeks, Lamar White came out an accused me of being a racist in his post entitled Greg Aymond Needs to Apologize.

Mayor Roy, and many within his administration, need to know that the City of
Alexandria is no place for national politics. What Mayor Roy did by relying upon the words of President-elect Barack Obama is to, in effect, disregard the political beliefs of the vast number of people of Alexandria who did not support Mr. Obama. Mayor Roy has set his administration upon a road of complete and absolute liberalism, favoring the opinions of the left, instead of realizing that this is a community people who get along despite many differing national political beliefs.

Mayor Roy is the type of White guilt ridden politician who favors Black politicians no matter how bad they are for government.

Now the mayor of Alexandria, Jaques Roy, has responded on this video:

You be the judge.


  1. There's not really any type of war going on-- just an online discussion of a disagreement that had manifested already on the radio.

    And Mayor Roy wasn't responding to any "blog war" or online disagreement between my blog and Mr. Aymond's blog. If you notice the timestamp on the video of the weekly briefing, you'll see this was addressed by him several weeks ago, way before I posted anything or Mr. Aymond responded.

  2. Lamar, I don't see the time stamp. Greg posted this saying it was Mayor Roy's response.
    Perhaps 'blog war' was a little strong, maybe it's more of a minor skirmish.
    In any event, Happy Holidays!

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