Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thoughts on Saturday's election

I have thought a lot about the upcoming congressional election. The two leading contenders are Paul Carmouche (D) and Dr. John Fleming (R).
We have had to suffer through terrible commercials sponsored by both the Democratic and the Republican congressional committees. I believe in free speech, and I suppose that this is a necessary evil, however, the people who come up with these things should simply be lined up and shot.
John Fleming isn’t a cruel millionaire who is plotting to make the people of the 4th District pay more taxes so that he can pay less.
Paul Carmouche is not ‘soft on crime’, nor is he a wild-eyed liberal anxiously awaiting his chance to go to Washington so that he can serve Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.
No, these are both decent, honorable men who are caught up in a party-plagued general election.
The problem with Carmouche (D) and Fleming (R) is that the D’s and the R’s are responsible for placing our country in the untenable position in which it finds itself. Don’t kid yourself. The Republicans hold as much responsibility as the Democrats for careless, wreckless spending. The Democrats are just as responsible for an interventionist foreign policy that has almost bankrupted our nation.
In the name of ‘national security’ both parties have gone off the deep end engaging in foreign wars as a response to the attacks of 9-11, yet Osama Bin Laden, the planner and perpetrator of those attacks, is still a free man.
If you like the way things have gone in Washington for the last 20 years, then God love you.
I don’t.
Until we are ready to spurn the self-serving, greedy, power-loving cabals that run both political parties then we will suffer the same, and deserve it.
Think about real change. You don’t have to vote D or R in this election. There are two independents running for our congressional seat, and either one would be preferable to more of the same.
My preference is Gerard Bowen. Check out his website and consider voting for someone different.
The 4th District has an opportunity to send a resounding message that says ‘enough is enough.’.


  1. Here is my thought:


    If I have to see one more ad, or open the mail to find one more flyer (I could wallpaper the Titanic with these things), or be invited to one more shinding....
    Enough is enough! There is such thing as overkill in an election.

    And you are so right, those ads are beyond ridiculous - makes you wonder what they think of the voters?

  2. I like Chester T. Kelley.

    From what I gathered during his 2006 run, he is a true conservative who is also more a part of ordinary Louisiana residents.

    Too bad people only see D and R.

  3. Kelley had a good appearance at the Times/Red River Radio forum last night. If you didn't see it, I have it up on The Bossier Independent.


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