Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A look at 2008 from My Bossier

The Ugly

One of the first news items we commented on in 2008 was the murder of 18 month old Isabella Thamm by her father, Lance Thamm. Despite four arrests for domestic violence and drugs in the home, no one saw it coming.

The last story we commented on was the murder of an 8 week old Shreveport girl, Lyrica Kennedy, by her father. Police say Samuel Jordan told them he did it because he was aggravated and had a lot of things on his mind, and just wanted to get high. Records show Jordan was also arrested in 2005 after he gave a five-year-old prescription sleeping pills because the child wouldn't stop crying.

We also reported on the beating of Angie Garbarino by a Shreveport Police officer. Channel 3 reported the story, Good Morning America picked it up, then CNN, and within a day it was a major international story.

At that point Channel 12, Channel 6 and the Times finally ran it. We received thousands of hits over a 2 day period because ours was the only local story on the incident other than the original from KTBS.

The city dropped all charges against Garbarino, fired the officer involved, and made a large money settlement to close the case.

The Caring

We also brought the story of Jackson Kennedy to our readers. Jackson is the son of Bossier City Police officer Jeremy Kennedy. Jackson is still fighting a battle against cancer, supported by loving parents, family and the community.

In April, 16 month old Ethan Powell passed away from leukemia. Ethan’s tragic story had been followed by everyone through local media.

The Boom

We have written 58 posts regarding the Haynesville Shale. The frenzy began last spring when Petrohawk Energy ‘outed’ Chesapeake Energy’s plans to develop the shale formation, said to be one of the largest in the world. Leasing reached it’s zenith in late summer and early fall, with bonus amounts of $20,000 & $30,000 per acre not unheard of.

Although leasing has slowed and drilling has begun, don’t fear. The gas is still under our feet.

The Bust

Air Force Cyber Command was the biggest thing to hit the area in a while, and we were as excited as anyone else. After all, Mayor Walker and Parish Adminstrator Altimus told us that it was a ‘done deal’.

The State, City and Parish have committed $107,000,000 to a new Cyber Research Park and Cyber Innovation Center in Bossier City, despite the fact that the Air Force Cyber Command is down the tubes. Rep. Jane Smith said “it is often difficult to put in layman's words what the center will do and to explain how its customer base extends far beyond the Air Force.”

Give it a shot Jane – try to explain it to us. Better yet, since ‘secrecy’ is being invoked to cloak the activities of the center (other than expenditures), tell us this:

  1. How many contracts with various technology companies are in hand?
  2. How much are they worth?
  3. How many companies are committed to working out of the CIC, and what how much revenue will this bring in?

The Dumb

Joardae Dejon Lewis and Louis Robinson weren’t thinking too well when they decided in March to remove all their clothing except for a jacket and run through downtown Shreveport. Their outing was ruined by a Shreveport Police officer who happened on to them.

And Dumber

Matthew Tyler Dupuis, 22, was arrested after he sold a quarter bag, er, one-quarter of an ounce of marijuana to a Bossier Parish Deputy. Not the first time that ever happened, there are lots of undercover policemen working in the Shreveport/Bossier area. No, young Matt sold to a uniformed deputy who was responding to a loud music complaint.

A Political Year

No, I’m not forgetting the Presidential Election, the Fourth District Congressional Race or the race for 26th JDC District Judge and other local races, nor have I forgotten our new governor. I’m just sick of politics at this point, aren’t you?

Happy New Year from My Bossier!


  1. May we all have a safe and happy New Year!

  2. I’m just sick of politics at this point, aren’t you?


    Happy New Year, Jim!

  3. Mimi and Sam, Happy New Year to you both.


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