Saturday, December 20, 2008

Racism at the Library?

Bossier Parish Police Juror Jerome Darby is calling for changes to the Bossier Parish Library System after past and present employees have brought forward allegations of racism and race-based hiring.
"I'm a nervous wreck every day," said Jeanene Wiggins, a black library assistant. "I feel like nobody is helping here. I feel like I'm crying out every day for help and nothing's happening."
Wiggins and other library employees allege a laundry list of racist practices in the hiring and treatment of black employees by the library administration, which employees say came to a head last fall when Peggy Gillham, an assistant cataloguer who is white, mentioned a need to use a whip for motivation in front of two black employees.
"It was an innocent remark," Gillham said. "It wasn't directed to any one person. It was a long-standing — I hesitate to use the word 'joke,' but I can't think of another synonym — from like 20 years ago when we started this. It was nothing malicious."
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  1. wait, blacks are the only ones ever been whipped ?, isnt it time we get our hearts off our sleeves ?...stop the maddness, stop the name calling, it's time we go back to our free speech and say what we mean and feel, ALL the conversations I have with's invariably THEY that invoke race, ALWAYS, I am a color blind person but this business of using Race as intimidation, to fleece others has to stop, and it needs to stop NOW, whites are scared of their own shadow now because it is l;ike walking on eggs. not nowing who or what will offend someone when something is said, this is just Out of control that people are so offended , I dont see the Blacks raising hell at the rappers who blacken the eye of thweir own race, I am always amazed at how prevalent the "N" word is used in Black groups, if I cant say it, what makes it OK for YOU to use it ?, if you wont stop, what makes you think it will EVER stop ?. you people need to get a life, stop being offended by the least little thing....the person who said that doesnt need to appologize for anything in MY books, and those offended need to take a look at themselves.....

  2. we have in this country a Dangerous Trend, it's called the communist Dialectic, (look it up), it's when one group wants something another group's like a negotiation only one side isnt really negotiating, it's demanding WAY more then it's willing to accept, so when it appears it is backing off, it only backs off till it's got what it wanted in the first place.......I see several groups doing this, and none are helping this country one bit, ...only a few. at the cost of many, we all lose when someone is willing to fleece another for money, and use any means or justifivation...................................................................let the Litigation begin

  3. I would like to know the outcome of this matter. In other words, after the dust settles, was racism present.

    I have seen the American Library Association [ALA] itself use racism to promote its views over those of the local community. Let me explain.

    It is reasonable for parents to want books containing bestiality and other sexually inappropriate material for children to be removed from public schools, is it not? Of course, that might depend on your point of view. But an ALA argument why a certain book should be retained in the public school was that the parents were racist because the book's author was black (and bestiality may be a "black issue", though the article does not make that direct connection).

    One has to wonder why the ALA believes race is in any way involved. An effort by parents to parent their own children by keeping them from what they believe to be sexually inappropriate material is perfectly legal. There is at least one US Supreme Court case on this. The skin color of the author is in no way involved in that case or any related case.

    So I ask, how are the ALA's statements/actions in that case not racist? See "Group Targets Black Authors' Books" and my response linked thereto.

    So between the ALA's actions and the results of what Jim has published and linked here, there may be a pattern developing.

    Any thoughts?


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