Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mud-slinging, negative ads are alive and effective

Negative advertising apparently is still alive and effective.
In the areas where Paul Carmouche was least known, the southern parishes of Beauregard, Grant, Allen, Vernon and up into Sabine, Fleming carried large majorities. These are areas with heavy Democratic registration. I believe that the negative ads that the Republicans ran portraying Carmouche as a lackey of Obama and Pelosi were effective in those areas and gave the election to Fleming.
The rest was pretty predictable; Caddo went for Carmouche, and Bossier went heavily for Fleming. Bossier's vote was not surprising. You could dress a monkey in a suit and put an (R) behind his name and Bossier would vote for him. In Bossier it has nothing to do with conservative/liberal - it has everything to do with (D) and (R).
The Times, in mentioning that Bossier voted for Fleming, noted that Bossier adjoins Fleming's home parish of Webster.
What the Times did not note was the fact that Fleming did not carry his home parish of Webster. Carmouche did. You would have thought that the homeboy would have carried his own parish. I wonder what this is saying to us?
In any event, there are over 1,000 provisional ballots in Caddo Parish and I don't know how many in the rest of the district. Carmouche will not concede until these are dealt with.


  1. Too bad about Carmouche. Maybe it's not over, but I fear it is.

    What to think about Wm. Jefferson losing to Anh "Joseph" Cao? I can't believe that I'm saying this, but I'm glad the Republican won. Jefferson had to go. He should have had the grace to go when he was indicted, but there's nothing graceful about Jefferson. He was nothing more than an embarrassment.

  2. I am glad Jefferson had an opponent that people were willing to vote for. He earned his nickname 'Dollar Bill' in more ways than one.

  3. I was surprised at the amount of people who actually voted for Jefferson....

  4. I'm just glad the TV ads are over. It was Carmouche, car dealer, Fleming, car dealer. :)

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  6. You nailed it in this post. Fleming must have focused a lot of energy in the areas where Carmouche was unknown. Other than Bossier (and you're right about the "D" and "R" thing, I believe), the areas near Caddo didn't seem to buy Fleming's "soft on crime" pitch.

    Another instance of Republican meanness and deception winning out.


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